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Willie’s Review: Dual Diagnosis Prime Program Treatment

Willie-LActually I was right down the street and heard of about Sovereign Health in general and found out a little bit more about the prime program as I was you know it is a program.

Well I am a alcoholic/addict so I have been in addiction for quite a while over 10 years and it was time I kind of bottom out with my addiction and pretty much hit the bottom so I am just seeking help and that is why I chose here.

It wasn’t anything in particular I was just looking for a program and I didn’t know where to start and the actual commercial led me to here and from there I have a website to go to and I looked a little bit closer inside of what they offer and that they had a array of things that they offered and everything kind of fit pretty much with what I was looking for so looked like a good fit so I just kind of dove in.

Oh it was great. They picked me up from the airport had a bundle of to start and I love it everyone was pretty friendly so the area was nice palm deserts that is where we are at and beautiful place palm trees everywhere. The facilities are real clean so it was good from to me.

I just want to get clean first a lot of it has to do with me but I was just hoping that they dissected my life from the beginning to the end from childhood because I know I had some issues and I didn’t know how those issues were bleeding off until my addiction so I really wanted to put a magnifying glass on everything and I was hoping that they can help me do it and that is pretty much what happened.

You know in most cases people of the same age kind of go through the same pattern of life and if you have someone that is 20 years behind you it is not really difficult but it is not the best scenario for a person so I think having someone you age you guys going to relate a lot better and you have a lot more things in common I think it is a lot more beneficial for your recovery.

I am in a different facility the main one for the prime program where the prime program started was the Anza house it is a mansion so it is real nice hard floors you know fire place heated pools chef kitchen smoker’s grill I mean you name it it is real nice facility.

The therapist her name is Debbie she changed my life a lot you know she just kind of like a surgeon that went in and fits what was bad and threw out you know the remaining and she is the one who dealt with the emotions so that is pretty much what you are in when you are in your addiction emotions and she tackled a lot of issues right upfront so that helps. The workers the cool thing about the worker is that most of them recovering addicts so they don’t necessarily judge you and a lot of them have the same addiction behaviors as you did obviously and a lot of them kind of been through the same things rather they are good or bad in their addictions so they were able to really develop a good relationship with them and it felt a lot more comfortable letting people know and opening up because they have been in that situation before. So that was a plus something that I didn’t expect when I came here but come to find out just taking as a kid I guess probably about 70% of the employees have been through addiction one time or the other.

The group therapy that is where all the pretty much you know they just slice it up and they just feed you bite sizes basically of one on ones with people in the world you know whether it is relationship co-dependency enablers destructive behaviors you know we cover a vast amount of different things that addiction kind of offers you when you are going through life and things that you didn’t really realize because you never really had anyone to highlight some of the things and behaviors until you get here and those classes different classes covering different stuff and by the time you go through the course it pretty much covered all your behaviors one way of the other and you will ways to deal with it and fix it more importantly and that is when everything is kind of complete when you are done with this program so you have a balance when you come out of here and you know how to tackle different issues you know like anger and then responding grandiosity was a big one co-dependency just a lot of different ones they break up in groups and they for like an hour hour and half you share if you like with those issues that you encounter one on one so it is a lot of stuff.

Not really because all of them were good to me because I was a hot mess when I came here so I was just ready to do them all because not so much just one that was a little bit issues with I can’t really

think of one that sticks out more than the other I was just kind of grateful to kind of counter all of them.

Waking up generally around 6 you have a little flexibility as far as you schedule whatever time you want to get up but we have to be out by 8 just doing your meds if you take meds and then from there you just go to the center and you know you have a few minutes to kind of go over some homework because we do have assignments this is somewhat like a class for your life basically and we go to groups you know from 8 to they can go to 4, 5 o clock in the afternoon you have an hour break you have times in between classes as well so you are mainly programming they switch it up you know you have art you have music you do a little bit different things they kind of switch up the monotony but at the end of the day it is about 8 hours or so programming and then the fun part comes after that of course you can you know jump in a pool go workout or whatever your thing that you do to kill time on your spare time you can do when you get home read a book or take a nap or just make it or whatever the case may be listen to some good music jazz my preference but you know so you kind of have those options afterwards it is pretty balanced it is a long day but it is worth it at the end.

Well the prime program they really pamper you in terms of what you want versus what they are scripted to do with you. They get more intake from you or get more opinions from you and then they kind of based your program accordingly. So that is what I like you know we got tired you get burnt out a little bit after doing so much programming sometimes you think it is a repetitive sometimes even redundant but you need it but they have realized that so kind of pull back a little in terms of some of the programming just kind of work on some of the fun stuff and kind of catering to you and you know build the program around you guys.

Mainly just there is good people still out there you know the world is full of crisis and so much malice and it is just so much evil the devil is busy you know it is kind of good the disconnect place like distressing when you are in your addiction this gives you a chance to get away from everything and then you have people that have been there that change their lives and you see the flip side of their addiction so it gives you something to work through and they are here to help you and people generally you know they care you know and people give you a lot of hugs around here so you get the love that you need around here and that is pretty cool even the community around outside of the actual rehab is very nice as well because they came from where you came from as well so you just surrounded somewhat like an angel I would think in some forms of fashion you have angels around here and it is kind of cool to know that there is a support based like this because I didn’t think it existed until I got here.

It is a fabulous program. It has been positive to me with any program regardless if you come to Sovereign or not just keep in mind you got to be open you know because they can only good as a job as far as the information that you give regardless if it is Sovereign or not you won’t get out what you need out of it if you come and you know be like an open book you will get more they will be able to do their jobs a lot more and thank god that I was able to be open and I just let them go in and fix the things but overall Sovereign is great. I mean they cater to your needs there is a team of people that will work on you when you get here from case managers to therapists to AOD alcohol and drug counselors you have concierge you have doctors I mean there is a whole team of people I call them the dream team but yeah you will have the team you have their support they have beautiful facilities their homes are really nice I mean cable tv plasma tv you know they got the works so it is sort of like the Cadillac of rehab if you will I am pretty happy with I came here if you are positive about which one to go to you can give it a try you know if you don’t like it for whatever reasons you can always go to another one but this is my last stop. It is my first and my last god willing and I am going to use the tools that I got from these guys and I am going to take it into the world so I look forward to doing that.

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