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Sydney Ratter Patient Testimonial Questions

  1. How did you learn about Sovereign?
    • I learned about Sovereign through my family. My sister works for a rehab facility in Orlando Florida, and during the time I was trying to find the right facility to go to, we can across Sovereign.
  1. What were the events the led you to seek treatment?
    • I came to Clermont, Florida one day for my best friend’s birthday, got super loaded and through I could drive home after drinking all night. Got pulled over going 100 mph, went to jail, and my family had an intervention on me telling me I need help and I should probably seek treatment.
  1. What attracted you to admitting in this program?
    • Honestly, what attracted me was the location of California. I’ve always wanted to go to California and I thought it was a good opportunity to seek help in a beautiful state.
  1. Share what your expectations of the program were and how we met them.
    • My expectations of the program were to understand my disease, how to cope with when I feel triggered, and how to deal with life on life’s terms. The staff helped me complete these goals by facilitating me and being there for me when I was down. Reaching out always helps, even when you think you don’t need to.
  1. Describe the residence you stayed in.
    • I stayed in four different houses for the four levels of care. All of the houses I stayed in were very well put, and I grew accustomed to the environment and the people.
  1. Tell us about your experience with the therapists and staff.
    • All of the staff are amazing. Regarding to the therapists, everyone is different which is good because everyone has to have their needs met differently.
  1. Tell us about group therapy and individual sessions.
    • Go to your groups. The days go by faster when you attend the groups and you gain more out of the program. The groups helped me deal with my past that I was hiding with drugs and alcohol for so long. My fellow peers in the groups were there for me to help and me and guide me through the times I needed help. They help so much, and it’s better to go to all the groups than to sit around and do nothing. You kill two birds with one stone.
  1. Share your thoughts on a favorite group.
    • My favorite groups was mindfulness. I loved that group because you learn about being aware of your surroundings and learn how to live life on life’s terms without the use of drugs and other mind altering substances.
  2. Describe and share a typical day here in treatment.
    • We would wake up around 6am, get ready and take our meds, go to the center around 8, have groups until 2:30-5 depending on the level of care you’re in, then you go home and have dinner. You can go to a meeting at night and then go back to the house to sleep.
  1. What do you like most about Sovereign?
    • The amazing staff and the genuine people I have met here.
  1. What will you most take away from your experience here?
    • The coping skills and how to live a sober life. Also, how to deal with stress in a healthy way.
  1. What would you tell others about the program who are seeking treatment?
    • I would tell them that I know what it’s like to be so into your addiction and not realizing the damage it’s doing to not only your body, but to your peers and your family. Treatment helped in the long run no matter how many times I wanted to just up and leave. Things happen for a reason and I know that I stayed here for a reason. Thank you Sovereign for teaching me things about myself that I had no idea.

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