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Sovereign Offers The Best For Its Patients – Matt’s Review On Dual Diagnosis Treatment

MattI was in jail and my dad  places like into Sovereign and I got from him.

My house got raided and charged with dealing in meth dealing in heroin maintaining a common nuisance and looking at 18 years in prison and I was looking for rehab before that but didn’t really follow through with it because I didn’t have nothing to push me.

Getting away from all the people that was back at home and you know getting out and being somewhere else you know getting uncomfortable.

I have been to other treatment programs but Sovereign seems to really care and the other places like Salvation Army and all the stuff like that I don’t know how it is up here but where I am from those places are all bullshit and just all about the money and that seems a lot.

I just got out of jail and was house arrest so I was loving it it is beautiful right by the river everybody seems friendly and it is just kind of comforting.

My expectations were to support the ideas that I already had about getting sober and staying clean and build stronger reinforcement to do that and when being on the groups staying busy paying attention and learned a lot and a lot of coping skills and how to deal with certain situations and all the therapists and case managers techs were all very helpful with all that.

It was clean, friendly beautiful. It was very comfortable and they fed you good and you know everybody was just  for the best for you.

All the techs were great especially the night shifts techs they really want the best for you and they are really helpful the therapist  my therapist she was great also met with Kelly and Chelsea  goes on vacation and they were just amazing everybody is just awesome.

It was just really seeing how you were doing with the day and saying what is on your mind with the groups and you know one up one down you know and how I am going to use that and anything that was on our minds you know that we felt comfortable talking about in groups they would have us  and they tried to help us with the issues everyone had and individual sessions was really time to open up and pour your heart out but you also have the one on one down with that and it was just very caring and understanding and I had a great experience with therapist.

I like the  but that was a meeting the outside meeting that was my favorite meeting  beginner’s meeting and they go by and get all the beginners to talk and tell their story  your sobriety that was my favorite meeting but my favorite group was probably studying the big  book.

Get up at 6 from meds if you have them. Go back to bed wake up at 7:15 for breakfast and then you have morning group at 8 and they tell you you know everything that is going on for the day if you have labs then we go from there to  after you get off PHP if you  PHP you will stay here for the day and do some groups we go over to amberwood we have four more groups over there and lunch over there then you come back and eat dinner about an hour or two later then you have a lot of  talk go side ways smoke you know just find somebody to  and talk to and really talking to people really helps with all then you have a 7 o clock group if you are on PHP and then sometimes 7 sometimes 8 o clock if you go out for the outside meeting but they are all great  many outside meetings as we can come back for wrap up we tell you know what you are grateful for and your name and everybody does that and then the mayor will have some kind of insight for everybody some kind of positive motivation and then I personally work out right after that and work out till about 11 and go to bed.

All the staff really all the staff are great and they are very helpful and the community is great too. Everybody just wants what is best for you and that is something new to me.

Every single sheet of paper that I have got since I have been here I have got copy of what I have done and a blank copy of it so that I can look back on it later and refill it out see how much change the workbook the dual diagnosis workbook will really help me because I can look back and see what all the

stuff  if I ever plan to think about using in the future I can just look back at that and say oh this is  last time I did that.

This is the place to go you really can’t go wrong coming here and you will learn a lot and it works if you work it.

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