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Sovereign Health Helps Kasey Become A Better Mother – Dual Diagnosis Treatment Review

KaseyActually my cousin’s wife she is a joint administrative in Greenwood South Carolina and she actually found Sovereign Health because she thought it would be better to get out of my comfort zone to get to a rehab.

One day I was leaving you know to go get some drugs and I have a five year old back at home and she was calling after me crying and you know I had the chance to stay with her I like doing my parents she wanted me to stay home. I just continue to leave and as I was going out of the driveway I was crying and you know by the time I still got the drugs I was still crying and I was like what am I doing you know I got high I was still crying and finally I was like you know I actually chose drugs over my daughter and I just picked the phone up I couldn’t take it no more.

What attracted me was when I was looking online and the atmosphere the way everybody was smiling in the groups.

Sovereign Health is different because the last treatment that I went to it was more strict and this one you actually have a structure of living outside world they don’t lock you down in one house for 24/7 they let you go  you have actually have comfort of the world around you and you don’t have to wing yourself off this place once you get home.

My first impression was the classes they were very structured and very helpful. The staff was presentable everyone was nice and greeted you.

My expectations was I wanted to learn coping skills and I wanted to take some tools when I want to stay clean I wanted to know how to interact with other people how to find my life back how to be a better mother and I found all that here.

The residence that I stayed in I roomed with one other person but I housed with four other people. It was very nice very new it looked like a nice house everything was comfortable which is nice yeah.

The therapist has been really good. He has actually helped me push myself towards opening up and sharing some deep secrets that I kept to myself for a long time and it felt really good. He advised me on how to stay clean and how to get through some of that. He advised me for more therapy when I get home. The staff here they are just very very understanding they helped you through a lot you know they let you speak and then they try to advice you on maybe what to do next time or you know how could you help yourself next time. They mainly just asked you questions so that way you can figure out the answers on your own. So it is pretty helpful.

Group therapy is very successful here you gain a lot out of what they teach you. You know the other clients here have been a big help in my recovery. You learn something from them as they do from you.

My favorite group would be probably grief and loss. It took me a long time to get over my grandfather’s death you know and when I would think about it I would just shut down I wouldn’t talk about it I would cry you know when his birthday would come up or the anniversary of his death would come up but now I am just kind of I feel relieved now that I know that he is in a better place and I never really thought about it like that before because he was hurting when he was here. I was just being selfish for a long time. I was thinking about me and how it hurt me. I didn’t think about how I hurt him so now that I came here I have learnt to feel relieved that he is in a better place.

Typical day in treatment you wake up you go to the gym you come back home you get ready for group you come to group and you start at 10:30 until 4:30. The groups are very structured and it is all women in one group so you can really go deep into detail about somethings that happened in your life and then you go home. You go to a night meeting and you rest and start all over.

Everything I like waking up I like to go to the gym. They take us to the gym I like to come to group the most I like to learn the things here the staff here is nice very helpful. The clients here are great in your recovery they also are very helpful. Then when you go home you just chill. They cook you dinner it

is usually always a nice dinner and then they take you to NA meetings it is very laidback I really like it because you know you get to do as you want but you still have a structure and I don’t think I’d have to completely wing myself off of this rehab because I have interacted with the outside.

I will definitely take back of all the things that I have learned here I have noticed that some of the staff here when I told them I was leaving I have had two of them cry so you know that the staff here really does care about your sobriety and your recovery. I am going to take them back with me because they had been very cheerful for me when i pick up that chip at the meeting or I am going to take back some of the friends that I have met also. I just want to take Sovereign all the way back with me if I could but yes and especially Delarose and David they worked very hard and I am grateful for them.

I will tell you that Sovereign Health is one of the 10 star rehab setup ever saw or been to it is very helpful and they worked their hardest to help you if you have insurance problems they fight for you to stay longer if you need the detox here is very good. The inpatient and the outpatient is very good. Like all the activities if you are seeking to get help while having fun I suggest Sovereign Health completely.

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