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Sovereign Gives Amber Lots Of Hope – Dual Diagnosis Treatment Review

AmberI found Sovereign through Google believed it or not. I was searching searching and somehow I stumbled upon this place.

There was many many events that led me here. Ultimately I was very miserable I tried everything to fix myself and I couldn’t through therapist I have been to previous treatment centers I realized pretty hopeless it didn’t really have any ambition I had a lot of great things going on in my life but at the end of the day it didn’t really matter.

I called and the lady on the phone was very nice. She explained everything about Sovereign groups the people that work here she too was in recovery so that gave me an.

I would say Sovereign is different due to the fact my last treatment center there is about 50 clients and only three therapists so I would say we have an abundance of therapists here. I don’t even know how many maybe 10, 15?

My first impression was that everyone was really caring loving welcoming just really too nice.

Honestly I didn’t have any expectations I really didn’t so pretty much I really asked for nothing and I got and received everything.

The residence was very homey. The staff was amazing. They cook you the best meals definitely made with love I don’t have one bad thing to say about any of the staff members.

The experience with the staff and therapists here were amazing. My therapist is one of a kind and I am very grateful to have her in my life. The patient advocates were amazing. I harass them a lot in the beginning I really did and they took care of everything beyond what they needed to do.

Group therapy that was my most challenging thing they are like groups settings and speaking and anxiety so that was huge for me to at first I didn’t really speak and so it was like a one word here and another word there and eventually I started speaking not entirely but all day but if I felt compelled to say something to I said it. So that really helped me with my anxiety. I am hearing other people go through other things the same things that I went through that I thought I was the only one. Individual therapy was great. I prefer one on one I feel like I am more open with somebody that I trust versus like a whole group of people. We did family counseling that was interesting on the telephone as my family is not around here that was fun. That was a different experience but I feel like it definitely helped me grow.

Favorite group would be art therapy. Just the way it was ran the therapist was amazing not only because she is mine but you know definitely helped to get your off of anything whether drawing gluing things cutting things out of newspaper it was really good. I was like this isn’t going to help me but at the end of the day it actually really helped.

Typical day starts very early. Wake up we go to the gym three days a week. We have believe two groups before our lunch and two more groups after sometimes you have a individual therapy throughout the day may be senior case manager  women issues art therapy on the weekends we normally do something fun whether for the girls they get their nails done or go to the beach that wasn’t just always you know work work work we got to do fun things as well.

What I like most about Sovereign would definitely be the people that work here. They really do care I think that is huge so I believe they go above and beyond.

That is the big question. I learned a lot its  when I got here so  I could love myself so now I can help other people that come in that don’t think they do it because  completing this program at all and I went way longer than I anticipated and I am very glad that I did.

Don’t think about it just do it so you won’t regret it.

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