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Sovereign Gives Alexa An Extra Chance To Live – Dual Diagnosis Treatment Review

AlexaI heard about Sovereign from a good friend of mine and he got me scholarship here luckily and gratefully and I am so happy that I was able to come here.

I have been on basically a 12-year on and off clean not clean mostly you know drugs 12 years and you know I don’t really have much to my name. I have clothes you know I don’t have a car I don’t even have a license I am 26 years old you know I don’t really have anything. I haven’t gone anywhere with my life. Dropped out of school I didn’t even get my GED as well as my father said he has cancer and he is pretty ill at this time and that was my big motivation. Of course I wanted to do for myself but I refuse to let my father passed knowing that his daughter was a drug addict liar and thief. I refuse to let that happen and luckily I was able to get this scholarship here because my family didn’t have the money to do it and this place is a great place.

The fact that I didn’t have any money and I got this scholarship and I was just at that point I was so willing to get clean. That I was willing to anywhere and luckily it was here I got to see the beautiful California state and as well you know it really is it is a good place you just really have to stick with the winners here because like anywhere there is going to be temptations there is going to be people that are using drugs or drinking around you and you need to stick with the winners. You can’t be around the people that are doing those things and I mean it is just like real life even here in treatment it gets you prepared for real life and that is how I did. I stuck with the winners and that is how it worked for me.

I wasn’t crazy about it at all. I didn’t you know there were some people that were using just like anywhere else though and it bothered me because I felt so strong willed that it didn’t bother me but it bothered the people around that in my house that were you know they were using in the house and the people that to push their drug of choice I saw how that brought them down and it really upset them but as I you know went through with this program I realized that this is real life like you got to be able to handle this now and you know Sovereign is about giving first and second chances we are drug addicts we are alcoholics and we do mess up and make mistakes and Sovereign is willing to give those people an extra chance which is great.

My expectations I wanted to be able to get down to like the root core of why I decided to use why I decided to pick up in the first place. You know the groups that we have here are amazing. The pamphlets that they gave you take them home with you and read them when you get home because those are what is going to help you survive because we live here and we forget you know we forget and so when you read those pamphlets when you go home and you feel like you want to have a fight with your mother or father or you husband you can look at that anger management sheet and be like okay listen I feel this way you know it is just those pamphlets are going to help you when you are out of here because we do we forget things sometimes you know so just to keep you in check and the counselors here the therapists my therapist Dr Win I love you and Josh Hopkins case manager amazing but these groups really really helped and it was kind of really listen to them. You got to give it a try you know and like I did and one thing I have to say is a big thing is you have to get relationship with your God whatever your God is it can be a plant it could be anything anything that you pray to just to get that feeling that you are letting stuff out it could be anything. My God is God your could be a plant doesn’t matter but pray to that plant pray to whatever you believe in.

They are very nice houses. They are beautiful homes close by the ocean some of them IOP and like I couldn’t have ask for more beautiful place like it is really gorgeous so when people tell you your consultants tell you that they are beautiful houses they really are beautiful houses.

I have my experience with my therapist Dr Win she has never told me what to do she has given me a lot of advice. She just has been so there for me especially you know issues that I have with my family my father giving me a lot of suggestions and I absolutely love her. Like I could not have asked for a better therapist or a better case manager Josh Hopkins but the staff is amazing. I mean they really are they truly care about you there are some you know that like any place you know that are not don’t really care about their job and are angry people but most I am telling you 90% of the staff they care so much about you and will do whatever if you are on the right track and you are doing what you need to do they are going to do whatever they can to make sure that whatever you need to do is accomplished

and gets done. And everybody has been there for me and everybody has had my back and you know I am truly grateful for Sovereign Health.

A favorite group Gus I love you Gus you are amazing he was my favorite group he told you like it is I mean he tells you the truth and I just feel like he cares about all of us and he just wants us to you know to progress and he is just great at what he does and I suggests that whoever you know is watching this and you come here go to Gus’s groups you know he is tough but he is going to put you in your place and he is going to get you in the right state of mind.

Usually what we do is now that I am on IOP I am going to go back from the beginning so RTC once you get in detox you go to RTC and it is the same for PHP so you wake up at the same time so you wake up like 6 o clock you take your meds if you have so and then you leave for the center at about 7 o clock and then you come to the center and you have groups until 3 o clock and then you leave around 4 and then you get to go home you have your house managers cook for you. The house managers are amazing so they will cook you a nice meal healthy foods sometimes it is not so healthy but it is good food and then you know you do your homework that you get from your therapists or from your sponsor.

The thing I like most is the women that I am with in my housing. You know there was times where people that were in active addiction that were here you know using and they were trying to like blame me for like that I was even though I come clean on all my UAEs and they came dirty they were trying to say I planted stuff on them and these girls got me through because I felt like people were against me and the women here like a lot of the women here are just amazing and they helped me get through that and they taught me how to just shut my mouth and it wasn’t true why you are going to let that bother you.

The thing I would most take away from the experience here is just all the tools that I have learned from here. I am going to remember all the people here that were good to me and you know I had gotten I graduated and so today we passed around a ball and everybody put in their energy in that ball and they said good words about me and told me how much they loved me and that you know that I am going to remember forever and that marble I got I will have forever and I will have everybody’s energy there if I feel like I am triggered or feel like I want to use I can hold that ball and I can feel the energy I am a very spiritual person but definitely just you know the groups are very helpful and all the people the staff here like I truly I can say from the bottom of my heart like I love them I truly do love them.

The next step program is Jerry Lambara he was great. I am leaving tomorrow at – I leave the house at 6 o clock in the morning my flights is at 8 o clock so he we went over for the last couple of days my experience where I have been working and you know from being on the drugs for so long my mind has been so much less fogged than it was I can speak clear I can have a conversation with you today when I was using I couldn’t really speak and I was like you know I was insecure so we went over my – I did an application and then we did a resume together and he helped me put it so professionally and I thanked him so much for that and because I am going home tomorrow and I have to start looking for a job asap and now I already have my resume I don’t have to worry about anything I can go straight home I have 20 copies of it so I can go the next step program is amazing and if you whoever comes here you choose to do that they will help you with that. If you have never worked before they will teach you how to fill an application if you have a felony they will tell you how to word it properly it is a great program and I would suggest that anybody that comes here before they leave to do the next step program.

What I would say is get your butt over here get a sponsor as soon as possible. I don’t care if you get here day one you go to a meeting find a sponsor even if you are not cray about get one okay you know you just want to say I am looking for a temporary sponsor I don’t know how long I am going to be here but I need to start working the steps okay and if you don’t like her you know dump her or dump him get a new one and you will find one that you like but at least start working the steps that has what has been so helpful to me I have an amazing sponsor you know she kicks my butt but that is what I need. I need somebody who is going to tell me to get this done and get that done and what else I would say is like I said in the beginning you need to find your God whatever that is for you whatever your higher power is you need to pray and that is going to relieve so much stress and I am telling you since I have been here I prayed every single night more than you know three times a day and everything has fallen

through like it was supposed to since I have been here everything plus I have all these staffs directors social advocates you know case managers that know I am doing the right thing and they will do whatever they can to get things done for me whenever there is an issue.

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