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Mental Health Treatment – Gregory’s Review

GregorySovereign I actually learned about through my daughter. She works for small company that helps find people in the programs in recovery programs and so I gave her a call and through that I was able to get here.

Over the last couple of years I have been suffering from depression and it started to get worse and worse and worse and pretty soon I found myself unable to get out of bed and really performed every tasks and things like that and so you know it was time to get something done about it. I also discovered that I was bipolar so you know I had known a lot of these things and I got here.

Just the fact that number one was the longevity I mean you know doing 30 days or 60 days or 90 days for me I knew that was an extensive amount of work which is exactly what I needed. That was where I was at in my life. I knew I needed some work and not just a quick visit to the doctor would solve that problem any more so getting myself at a controlled environment and away from everything that is what attracted me.

You know I am not sure. This is the first treatment program that I have been in but I do know that Sovereign they have an amazing program here that is hard for me to express all the wonderful details but I am sure we can get to that soon.

I was nervous and it was very professional. Immediately I was taken in to the intake everybody that I talked to was very kind, very friendly.

The expectations of the program I wasn’t really sure what to expect because this was my first time in treatment but I did know that I needed an extensive amount of work. Sovereign was basically able to break down barriers that I had put up for many many many years and so in doing so my expectations were met. Bottom line is that there was a lot of extensive therapy a lot of great group meetings a lot of one on one and just a lot of attention always focused on people individually here.

The residence  was wonderful place it is a nice big house 10 housemates we have a great staff. Dinners every night you know the cameraderie is great. Swimming pool everything.

Therapists I have wonderful therapist. My therapist’s name was Sandy and she took really good care of me. You know she was very patient in the beginning because all I think was talk talk talk and never let her get a word in edgewise and usually I don’t talk so I had a whole lot to unleash in a very small amount of time and she was able to basically dissect that for me. Each session individually and on point and she kept bringing me back to focus you know my therapist was great fantastic.

Let’s see group therapy was probably my favorite. Always surrounded by a lot of other people that have very similar or other altering experiences in their lives and for me I do well in groups this was probably where I got most of my work done because subject matter was brought up and other people situations and we were all able to basically dissect as a group. As a whole which really was enabling for me to dig deep. I love group.

My favorite I guess I would say I have to be topped by Tim just the way that he teaches us group we dealt with a lot of anger issues and issues that basically we do a lot of diagram work where we saw where problems immediately by changing our way of thought and that is just one of probably a hundred different techniques that I have learnt here. I learn so many and at first I was overwhelmed but within six weeks I have completely transform myself. I mean so excited today and this is no joke. I mean it is a good day today.

Typical day is day because you get driven here. I love it we signed in we gather around in either our individual groups so we sit in the main hall with many other people in groups and we work on our homework we work on our assignments we have a great staff here all the time and anything that I needed to be addressed was always addressed pretty much right then and there. There is a really I haven’t had any negative situations here at the center it is a great place to gather and off to the groups we go.

What I like most about Sovereign being here it is easy I just like everything about it. Bottom line is Sovereign really was able to massage me in a way to make me feel comfortable. You know for most of my life I wasn’t comfortable and having a big place like this and having a lot of different people that kind of could have been a nervous kind of anxious type of situation but in all actuality it was the constant people personas and applications and techniques and things of just there is constant communication you know dealing with all the aspects of my mental health really actually help me so something that I thought might not work was actually the one thing that actually worked.

Mostly I think I am going to take away a lot of the people that were in my groups and a lot of my therapists that also taught the groups because you developed a very close tight bond with a lot of people and you have therapist that know you they know you inside out and they are there all the time so I get to take away just you know some serious strengths of professional people lending some care you know it is very.

Anybody that is even considering treatment this is an amazing program and I am just glad that I got to be here at Sovereign. I recommend highly that you know I know that my situation was very very dire and very intense and very dark and very upsetting and my life had become just very difficult so and I didn’t think there was anything out there that could cure me but bottom line is you know I have been here six weeks and I can’t wait to get back outside and just excited you know to say the least. I recommend that anybody out there you come here and make this happen because it makes a difference that is the bottom line and you are going to get it done here I guarantee it.

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