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I Feel Really Safe During My Stay At Sovereign – Philip’s Review On Dual Diagnosis Treatment

PhilipHow did I learn about Sovereign well and it is kind of a funny story my buddy had a episode and I was calling his phone he wasn’t answering I drove to his house and his lady was there and she was in tears and he got his kid taken away because they had a suicide alert and it was drug induced and he had people telling him that he had a chance to go to Sovereign treatment center in Florida and I knew that I was been on drugs  worse than him and I just called up you know and support from my mom and called them up and they got me in.

Well there is multiple reasons why I came here but I just didn’t want to use anymore and I was addicted to opiates and I started  maxing cocaine using needles and everything I said I won’t do I was doing and I didn’t want to do that and I know I needed outside help other than myself and Sovereign.

Well I checked out Sovereign’s website and they seemed like they had pretty good programs over here and pretty good facilities and just seeing like they had everything you know set up and together and really high end stuff so that is really attractive for me.

Sovereign Health is my first treatment center but they are not 12 step based but they include meetings on mandatory days and I like that different aspects like cognitive behavioral therapy trauma and addiction relapse prevention and all this different aspects of not just 12 steps it is covers everything from your brain to your physical health and just covered a wide range of aspects and that was really cool about Sovereign.

My first impression I got picked up at the airport and they  my name on it and I was like hey it is me and then I drove to the detox house and I walked in there and I just said well it is a really nice house like I could live here and the employees are really welcoming and understanding and they helped me a lot it is a good first impression.

In reality I just feels like oh I am going to stop using I am going to come here just stop using drugs and then I came here realized it is a life program and they are actually helping me in the progress of my own life not to do drugs it encompasses everything.

Well I stayed in three different residences at Sovereign. I was at detox and then two different houses and all of them are really nice and clean facility nice furniture nice houses they are upkept and beautiful locations and yeah they got everything you need like tv microwave food you know  carpet in some of them  I like all the houses.

My experience with the therapist and staff were a vast majority of the staff was extremely welcoming and understanding and easily get long with you know some of them were demanding but I kind of  structure and kind of be with  but overall really really cool staff and my therapist was awesome I love my therapist.  really good therapist and staff for sure.

Group therapy was always interesting it is all a different personalities trying to  cross talking getting off topic but we always got something out of it every group we got something out of it to help you in your recovery and mixing that with the individual sessions was really beneficial because we get to socialize with the comrades and your friends and stuff and then you get to be  more serious you feel safe all the time but to release deep trauma and stuff that is really bugging you you can talk to your therapist about it and they are just really good with communications and then other stuff for sure.

I like CBT a lot because even I had a little bit of prior knowledge about the brain stuff it made me realize that the internal battle I had was my brain fighting itself like they help you realize in a material sense what was going on in my brain and another one that really sit out was I think it was addiction recovery where they tell you that relapsed is not viewed as a failure in this type of stuff like I really thought that it was something that helps me was just really good for my recovery .

You wake up at 6 on  and get up get dressed eat breakfast there is someone always  for breakfast usually whether it is client or the employees someones cooking eggs and bacon and  and we start  clean the house up from breakfast and then finish getting ready go to the center Monday through Saturday Saturday is off day but Monday to Friday we have 10:30 till 4:20 is at the center all the different

groups four groups and lunch and after we leave the center we have meetings we have 12 steps meetings  and in the mornings  days that was really cool  getting more in shape fitness and anyways after we do meetings we go back home and hang out and some of us will do our work  it is just socializing and at the end of the day it gets a little bit more chill and quiet and turn the tv off go to our rooms and go to bed and wake up and do it all over again be happy to to do it all over again.

I think I will take away the most is the support and the friendship and then the whole experience itself but  socializing and making new friends and I kind of needed that that support because I have tried recovery by myself  I didn’t feel accountable to anyone really I didn’t really have as much support as I like in  support you never feel not supported I think that is the biggest thing I will take away support and kind of the mindset of accountability and of course.

I would tell other seeking treatment to come here because it is not as bad as you think if you are thinking anything negative or it is going to suck or it is not the way you are thinking it is going to be really good experience no matter what  and it is life changing like I came here thinking it is  and I realized that it is a life program and it is really helping me make progress in my own life and you know for the years  they can have that too. It is not you know I am not special I am just like everyone else and  tell them to come here hands down because it is not a scarier  it can change your life.

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