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Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Molly’s Review

MollyI learned about Sovereign through the internet and I called my mom and actually told her like please find somewhere for me to go. I need somewhere to go and she found Sovereign on the internet and she called them for me and they got me right away.

I was on the streets you know using heroin having very dangerous behaviors that I just didn’t see anything but dying or going to jail so that is what led to go to Sovereign.

I was desperate and it was away from Ohio where I am from so I felt like it would be the best thing and they actually got me right away and the lady that we talked to on the phone seemed very caring.

It seemed like they didn’t treat me as tender as this place does and caring and compassionate and  all the above I feel like there is a lot of staff here  and they come with they don’t come to me judgmental you know they come at me compassionate and caring and loving and really listen important to me because I needed that tender love you know and that unconditional love and that is how I felt like okay Molly you know this is what I feel like you are doing and I feel like maybe you know we can change because I was open and everything to the suggestions it helped me also.

I had a hard time trusting people so it was really hard to tell if people were really genuine but they really are here you know and it was really hard to tell because I have been on the streets all the time so still in my survival mode and was like trying to protect myself so I have a walled up and so it was scary but also you know everybody treated me so well that helps.

My expectations were not to  me and to let me learn and they actually did that for me and also expectations were just to help me  apply my coping skills because I know from other treatment centers coping skills but I never learned how to actually recognize my behaviors and what I was doing and mindfulness and the awareness of what I am doing you know and able to learn that here you know I wasn’t able to learn that anywhere else and actually stop my thinking you know that thinking and stop and actually  that I felt like that is a huge thing for me and they definitely met those expectations here.

I love it

Like I actually love the girls at my place we really  support each other I know in treatment sometimes there is people that are difficult to live with but learning tolerance and the house managers were always really good about you know trying to nip it in the bud if somebody was doing that trying to figure out ways to do it in a loving way. And they have always fight for us you know like if something going on they help figure out how to fix it and that is what I love about it.

For the most part like I do really do honestly and truly genuinely care about almost all the staff here like honestly they have all been very good to me I am not just saying that you know just to say it like I really mean it this place is really helped me a lot and my therapist is amazing and he always it is like he knew things about myself that I didn’t know and when he brought it to my attention like you realize oh wow you know and I actually was able to fix it and like you know I am not 100% healed or anything because it is just not the  but working on it you know and everyday one day at a time thing I truly appreciate him a lot he is a very good therapist.

Art therapy

That was like the hardest thing because I didn’t think I am like we are just coloring you know but I cry every time every single time in art therapy I learn something really like it is fun because we are doing something you know hands on and but we are also learning something about ourselves. I think a lot of people cry in that group. You know I came in last Saturday and just blow my eyes out you know because of art therapy and yeah you wouldn’t think so but it really does because you put something down and you don’t realize even how like what you are doing sometimes and you realize what you just did and you are like oh so I really like that.

Come to group and get  with myself and being open and being tolerant of others you know because we come from all walks of life and it is really hard you are here all day with these people you know sometimes it is really hard thing to do and try not to judge people because you don’t know where they are from because if they are not like in your house or you know you are not with them all the time and you don’t know exactly what they are going through they are not open whether doing

something that is bothering you you know you don’t know what they are going through and sometimes I feel like I have problem with that but I am not  anything like I just because I don’t say anything and I don’t roll my eyes or anything like I just inside I am like but you know that is a big thing is trying to be tolerant of others and let them be where they are because they will have to where you are at and being groups it is sometimes it is hard because you are working on something and then you don’t realize you realize something that you need to work on and get emotional also it is like emotional roller coaster but it is to be expected in treatment.

There is so much staff around watching everything that and they all are really caring and loving and even if they you get mad at them for saying something if you are open to it like I said if you are open to it you will listen they have good things to say and they really genuinely care so they call you out and pulling you aside tell you something that I really do I think that is a huge thing about Sovereign I think that they for sure meet that care and love and genuine nature about all of them because we need that you know we need some people who love us you know because some people have some of us have  self esteem issues and so I feel like when they are loving and caring and they call you out and let you know in a love and caring way what is going on it helps more for somebody to really actually listen you know and not be defensive.


Everything all the good and bad experiences I have had here  I learn to love myself you know I learn how to love myself and think about putting myself first and my recovery first I will take that with me because  I don’t even think about the other treatment centers that I have been to like this you know like I care about the people  there were some staff that I care about but it wasn’t like this place I didn’t feel the love like I do here.

I will tell them that they need to get butt here don’t be scared because it is a good place it really is.it is a really good place if anybody has anything bad to say about this place it is because they are not ready and if you are ready and you want to get help then you need to come here because it is really good place.

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