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Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Lauren’s Review

LaurenI learned about Sovereign Health Group whilst I was on the internet searching for a holistic rehabilitation center that could address my alcoholism and also as well as my anxiety that led my drinking for many years and all that  stuff and primarily it was my PTSD that I was trying to address and I was doing it through alcohol and along with that came in depression, anxiety bodily injuries, physical  liver and these all became bothersome and so forth and I was going for a rehabilitation center and typed in holistic rehabs and out came Sovereign and I said well I read about it I watched some of the videos on the website and so forth and I said this could be the place for me.

What brought me into rehabilitation center was that I knew I needed something that was going to work for me as all the other paths I have taken had not worked for me and I ended up with couple of DUIs and there is a lot of friends and family  and I waste a lot of time in my addiction to alcohol and not take time to  at the horns and so I am so I am so happy to be here. I have been here for a couple of months and I feel stronger more clear headed I feel healthier and I am ready for the rest of my life.

What attracted me was that it is a nice setting. The food is spectacular because I think for myself food is key to one’s recovery  and so the food has been incredible I am healing the people that I talked just over the phone just wonderful and attentive and they were calling me and checking out me  and I just had a good feeling about .

This is my first treatment center and a  spent addressing my issues and trying to fix my life.

My first impression was that the staff  from the airport and they make sure that I was comfortable coming off from 5 hour flight and they made sure I was comfortable and brought me to the center they asked many different questions and it was just everyone was just genteel patient kind and.

My expectations of the program were to once again get physically healthy so to get my mind healthy so that I could address my issues and all the skeletons in my closet and the addiction the struggle is real and I am here and I am doing well I wish I could stay forever actually. Sovereign clearly exceeded my expectations clearly everyone one of my issues were addressed everyone of my situations if I was uncomfortable it was addressed I don’t know what goes on here overnight but things were just being dealt with the next morning it seemed and I think it is a very fine tune well raised machine here and it never ceases to amaze me that you keep it together and keep it functioning and keep it comfortable for the clients.

The residence that I stayed in there are a few different houses and my bedroom is very cozy fabulous mattress everything from the linens to the kitchen to the living room very comfortable I don’t feel like I was in a strange place or I was never afraid and it just been wonderful.

Once again I am amazed by the therapist here the staff at all levels the house managers are you know they have a lot to deal with us addicts and they have got it together.

Here at Sovereign I had the pleasure of having my first one on one psychologist was assigned to me and I felt very comfortable with her she knew a little bit about my background before coming in and the group therapies are that we go and do several everyday and very helpful. The therapist are just  all the different addictions out there all the different substances and things that addicts can get into and.

It is kind of hard to find a favorite group activity because there is so many they keep us busy. All day long and really evening as well we also go to meetings outside of the center and  AA meetings NA meetings and it is never boring day that is for sure.

A typical day is we get up early in the morning and we have so much wonderful food at the house and like a snacks or a light breakfast for ourselves and we go to the gym also it is included and exercise come back to the house get ready for the day and then we travel to the center together and with our house managers and we get to the center and we have another light breakfast just in case we didn’t catch at the house and we begin our day with the group therapy at 10:30 and then we have another group therapy after that and then it is lunch time and once again I must say the food is just right on everything

fresh healthy and delicious. And then we go back into the group therapy and we do art therapy  equine therapy we do yoga and we do road to recovery which is just fantastic and then you know and then we might have a one on one with our therapist our therapist always available 24/7  issue or anything they are right there for us.

What I like most about Sovereign is that it everyone seems to be in the same page even though we are all pretty diverse  they seemed to be able to give us individual attention even though our groups and it is just you know everything is addressed  your anxiety depression and also whatever drugs of choice might be whether it be alcohol or heroin or marijuana or cocaine or the crystal meth I mean it is amazing it is really great to be with other people that are struggling with substance abuse and the therapist covered all they either been there done that or if they are highly trained and they just make it very comfortable to address that and successful for me I feel like I am going to leave here and I will have all the necessary tools to face any day any type of day and further life challenges because life  as we know and I am ready for it.

Take away the most initially it is my sobriety my clear mind and  just necessary to keep and stay clean and stay sober.

I have been telling others since I have been here how comfortable it is and how knowledgeable the staff is and that it is basically if you put the time into it and you come here with an open mind and you are ready to battle your addictions and your depression anxiety you name it I mean whatever is attached  everybody eating disorders I have been telling everybody on my facebook  it is a great place and it is god sent and I thank Sovereign for working so hard and having this program and keeping it together  a lot of people.

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