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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Family Review Dawn

When we found out that daughter was finally ready to go into rehab I contacted my insurance company and we got online and did a search for facilities and came across this one. We made an inquiry online and within 20 minutes we have someone that was contacting us giving us all the information that we needed and was making all of the arrangements for us which was extremely helpful considering we never dealt with this before. So it was nice that we were able to put that responsibility in somebody’s hands and they were able to make the arrangements that we needed.

We have been trying to get our daughter to treatment for a very long time and it was something that she was against doing and she finally had just decided that she was ready to do it and we jumped on that opportunity and got her here as quick as we could.

I didn’t have any expectations of the program because I have never dealt with this before. I didn’t know what to expect so I just knew that anything was better than nothing that if she was ready to seek help that there were professionals out there that could help her do that and from the first contact that I had realized that people had been in her shoes before and those were people that we were putting her care into and if anybody was going to understand what she had dealt with and had been dealing with it was going to be those individuals.

I learned that communication is a key that you have to be willing to put yourself out there and talk about things that maybe aren’t the most comfortable topics to talk about so that you can move forward and create better bonds than it is in an ongoing process not only for the addict but for the family of the addict as well and you have to learn to set boundaries for both of you that you can’t control of change the other person you can only control and change yourself.

I have been really welcomed by the staff and the other people that are here going through the same thing that my daughter is it seems very supportive. The people seem very genuine and very caring and they have taken great care of my daughter while she has been here and I have seen a huge improvement in her attitude and her just her life she is a completely different person now.

Not having any expectations or knowing where else to send my daughter this was the right place for her and this is the place where she got clean and that she is ready and willing to move forward and the staff couldn’t be more supportive more involved more engaged more understanding and truly wanting to help her and let her accomplish this and move forward. Just this has been a really good experience for her and for me to learn about my daughter and the people again here have been very supportive they have been through this they know what they are dealing with and to be able to open up to that and know that they are truly doing what they want to do to help the other individuals move forward is just a real blessing.

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