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Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Eric’s Review

EricMy mom sent me the link and I just made a call and you know talked to a representative and then came down.

I was using pretty heavily and I just one thing led to another and I you know had made a decision that I needed help hit rock bottom and it was getting pretty bad.

It just you know Florida it was out of state it was away from home. My mom had done some research on it and there is a lot of things she liked about it. I really wasn’t in a state of mind to be making any decision where to be going so I thought it sounded like a good place and you know I just needed help.

A lot of cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectic behavior therapy previous treatments there really wasn’t a lot of that and that has been a big thing for me especially the cognitive behavior therapy that has helped a lot.

Water being on the water you know it is a very nice place. I like the setting it is just the staff very friendly everything it is a great place to be.

Really I didn’t have many expectations. I knew I needed to come to somewhere get help you know I needed to get off the drugs and definitely went above and beyond my expectations.

Very clean, very comfortable  room that was great. The  were awesome you know food is great everything was very friendly I couldn’t ask for a better place to be so it saved my life.

Therapists were great. I mean I connected with my therapist right away. My case manager is awesome he got  down for me right away everybody has been super awesome I mean this has been a great experience for me.

The group therapy I really enjoyed you know everybody has been really connected really intimate. We have fun but we also get down to work when we are in groups you know there is a time and place for laughter and the joking around but there is when we come into groups there is a more serious we get down to it and you know what we need to do and the one on ones you know have been where most of my work has got done that is where they really peel back the layers and get down we need to get down in.

My favorite one is probably been the CBT groups you know that is where I really learned most about how we can change our thinking and push us out to triggers or the relapse prevention or the thoughts  using and that is where I really needed to change my ways of thinking.

Well you usually wake up at 6 go get your meds do what you have to do make our beds shower get ready for the day and we start groups at we have more meeting at 8 and then start groups at 9. And then 3:30 my groups were done and then we hang out you know just kind of do what we do and then we have you know our outside meetings or inside meetings at anywhere from 6 to 7 we come back and just hang out relax.

The fact that we can go  passes we have the freedom we get you know get for residential on a PHP you know there is freedom about we are not lock on grounds all the time but there is also structure there is accountability to the structure you know there is rules to be held it is all different aspects of life it is not just treatment there is life involved into treatment.

Probably the cognitive behavioral therapy and what not to do you know do everything that I haven’t done before that has been the biggest thing for me.

Just give a shot I mean it saved my life you know if you are looking for somewhere to go I would definitely recommend it for others it is one of the best programs I have been through. I have been through many programs before.

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