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Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Cellia’s Review

CelliaThrough the internet.

Just my life was getting out of control and I was just tired of using. I am a grandma and I am going to be fifty this year and I just thought it was just time to strike my life out and change my life.

I did a lot of research online and Sovereign just stood out to me you know with other people testimonies and their types of therapy the way they run their treatment center here and after looking into quite a few different treatment centers I decided to go with Sovereign.

They were all very friendly. I was welcomed. I was nervous and scared. I took a train out here it took me five days on a train to get here so I had a lot of time to think about you know what was about to happen but when I got here I was nervous but everybody made me feel really really comfortable. They welcomed me and they were all very friendly in every way I mean everybody I pass was like hi welcome you know and it made me feel good. It took the nervousness away when I got here.

I expected to get my groups and get my recovery and I really didn’t know how it work because it was my first program but as I started going into groups every day I started learning skills and tools and things that I needed to make me aware of triggers and you know different things that you know would become an issue if I didn’t watch what I was doing they made me aware of how my brain works how sleep is important they made me just all the groups that I go to I have learned and got some kind of skills of out of and I don’t know how I would have coped if I would have tried to do this on my own because I didn’t have any coping skills and obviously that is why I have been using for as many as years as I have because I didn’t have any coping skills and you know all other groups I get something out of every single group and I didn’t even realize what triggers were what they meant you know none of that and going to all the different groups they have taught me and they have gave me a lot of things to be aware of to look out for they gave me coping skills for when I leave here they have prepared me for when I leave here so that I will be able to manage my life and to think different than I thought before you know so the whole process of changing the way you think and so yeah they have helped me with my whole attitude my whole outlook on life. They have gave me my life back I am in control of my life now and obviously I wasn’t in control before and so I am really thankful that I came.

The houses are all very very nice all of our house moms as we call them are all very pleasant very understanding even when we get upset sometimes they don’t get upset I am sorry house moms are great they cook really good food all of the houses are very very warm and pleasant.

I have a very good therapist. She actually is doing her internship and she is great. I love her to death she is passionate she is caring she feels for me you know she feels through me she understands me and you know she is very warm and she said a lot of things to me this last session with her that really made me know that she cares and that she is compassionate and that she is working for me. She really is paying attention to who and what I am and what I need and she somethings that I never even thought was an issue that are and has helped resolve and work through those and process those and I think that is a big part of my recovery is to get everything out not to leave here with anything that may be an issue later in my life or has been the issue in my past life I think if I didn’t have her helping me address things that I wouldn’t know how to cope and I really think that I would probably be back in recovery if it wasn’t for her touching everything that is an issue that I didn’t even know was an issue. She is really brought a lot out that needed to come out that I am sure if part of my drug use in my past.

My group therapy will express ourselves in group. We have some very good instructors in our groups they all are very knowledgeable of what is going to take for us to our recovery and to sobriety they also are very understanding as well you know there is a lot of tears and a lot of emotions in the groups you know between all of us and of course a lot of things hit home with every one of us in some way we all have the same type of story in our lives with our addiction and our therapist and our instructors they really help us with coping and they also as well help us get out things that are bottled up inside you know that are issues definitely with our drug use and you know if you leave here without a tool box filled up you are not wanting recovery because they give you everything you need to have recovery and sobriety.

Yeah probably art therapy. I like art therapy a lot. We have a couple of different art instructors but Esther is usually the main one and she is fabulous she really is. She is also a therapist here outside of being an instructor in a group but yeah I really enjoy art therapy. I never have been too good at art of any kind not even drawn a stickman but I have actually done some pretty good paintings and express my feelings in those paintings and so yeah I really like art a lot.

We usually arrive to the center you know pretty early quarter to 8 or something and we come in and we go to our first group and then as soon as we get done with that group we have a wonderful lady here who make sure we have really good snacks and keeps us fed you know because we all are hungry you know we all are in recovery and in recovery you gain weight so we have a really lady here Daniece who is awesome she make sure that we all have really good snacks and then you know we go to another group and the group sometimes are intense that is real you know I mean they are but at the end of the day I have left here with a lot of knowledge about my past drug use about what it is going to take to be serious about my sobriety and you know everybody here is wonderful. They are all loving they all know your name right off the rib they don’t forget you and every day they greet you with kindness everyone from the toilet cleaners to the higher ups you know I mean we are just greeting and treated very well by everyone and when you walk in to a place like treatment centers and everybody knows your name and everybody smiling and everybody is telling you good morning it is comforting you know that they are sincere they care and that means a lot at the end of the day.

I like my group therapy. I like my one on one therapy of course too because it is more personal but I enjoy the groups I really do enjoy the groups and I don’t missed groups I feel like if I am not in that group I am going to miss something I need because they give me so much that I do need so I about my group therapy you know my groups they are just they are what is changing my life they are what is making my life worth living again.

Almost certain without a shot of doubt that I am going to be in sobriety for the rest of my life. I am seven months clean right now from methamphetamines I owe that to Sovereign and that is a long time I have all of the tools I need and I am straight I am good I know I am good and I do owe to Sovereign a lot because they brought me here they gave me all the tools I need they taught me how to cope with life outside of here they have also you know have a program that is going to stay with me and when I leave here and I am graduated from this program I am still going to have help from here because they have set me up with team and team is online therapist it gives me all of the AA meetings or NA meetings all the meeting that are in my area where I live so that I have all of that to leave here with. You know I am not just leaving here with my sobriety and being thrown down the streets they have gave me a whole list of places and things that are going to keep me in my sobriety Sovereign is not just throwing me out to the door after I do my program I am still part of this place and they are still going to check with me and they are still going to help me with times to come to make sure I stay in my sobriety and that is a big deal you know I mean you know lot of rehabs from what I understand when you are done you are done you know but Sovereign has set it up to where I am going to still have the care that I need with therapy at home with all of the meetings in my area you know I go into team twice a week in the coglab and get on the computers with my online therapist who is going to be with me even when I leave here so at the end of the day I still have help from Sovereign when I graduate this program they are still going to be there to help me and that is a big big deal.

Oh I have told a lot of people about this program. I have referred several people my son being one of them and one of my very good friends are actually on a waiting list to get in here. I have nothing but good things to say I mean anybody that is out there struggling I would highly recommend to check into Sovereign because they have change my life and if they can change my life at my age they can change anyone’s life.

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