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In his 25 years of practice, clinical psychologist Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D., says – hands-down – one of the most hot-bed, but least-discussed causes of relationship conflict is drinking. For loved ones and friends sick of slipping into those dramatic “diagnostic standoffs” as Nowinski puts it, there’s now a mobile app to confirm who’s really drunk. The […]

importance of friendships
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Having meaningful, positive friendships throughout life is a vital aspect of overall health and well-being. Researchers have not only found support for greater happiness and life satisfaction among people who have close relationships, but people who have friends are more likely to live longer and be more resilient to stress. Friendships have multiple benefits on […]

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Love and hate are polar opposites, but they share a lot in common, which may help explain why an individual can go from loving someone to hating that same person within a short amount of time. Hatred is expressed in many ways in our culture: racism, political arguments, gender discrimination and religious intolerance all are […]