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sober on St. Patrick’s Day
03-17-16 Category: Recovery, Substance Abuse

sober on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day can be a nightmare for a person in recovery. Green beer, public intoxication and rowdy parades can make it tempting to stay indoors or worse — relapse. The best way to deal with St. Patrick’s Day is to be prepared with alternate plans. (It also doesn’t hurt to have your sponsor’s phone number on file.)

Here are 5 ways to spend St Patrick’s Day while staying sober.

1. Cook, bake or eat traditional Irish food.

Irish food can be delicious. Fix yourself a plate of corned beef or boxty, a traditional Irish potato pancake. If savory food doesn’t interest you, try baking an Irish dessert like apple upside down cake, chocolate potato cake or Donegal oatmeal cream.

2. Cook, bake or eat nontraditional Irish food.

There’s nothing wrong with cooking a sheet of shamrock-shaped sugar cookies or adding green food coloring to a pancake recipe. It’s also possible to make nonalcoholic, green mocktails with lime juice, lime sorbet and — once again — green food coloring.

3. Learn Gaelic.

Duolingo — a free smartphone app and website — can help you learn some basic (or not so basic) Irish Gaelic. You can try to see how much Gaelic you can learn in one day, or take it slow and give your brain small, daily workouts.

4. Have a movie marathon.

In honor of last year’s Thanksgiving, Moviefone came up with a list of the top 36 Irish films. Put some popcorn in the microwave, call up some friends and get watching.

5. Do your own thing.

There’s no reason why you need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Every March 17, do your own thing instead. Have a yearly bike ride. Treat yourself to a spa day. Take a small vacation. Whatever you choose, it should make you feel happy.

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t need to be stressful this year. If parties and parades make you uncomfortable, you don’t need to lock yourself away for the day. Instead, spend time with close friends and close family members and watch Irish films, cook good food and maybe learn a little Gaelic.

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