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06-30-11 Category: Physical Health
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  • One in three women and one in four men are on a diet at any one time
  • 35% of occasional dieters move on to compulsive dieting
  • Two in every five women and one in every five men would trade several years of their life to achieve their ideal weight.
  • The diet products industry has a turnover of $33 billion a year
  • In 1970 the average age for a girl to begin dieting was 14; by 1990 the average age had dropped to 8.
  • One half of 4th grade girls are on a diet.
  • 51% of 9 and 10 year old girls stated that they felt better about themselves when they were dieting.
  • Whilst only 10% of high school girls are overweight, 90% of high school juniors and seniors admit to dieting.
  • Over 70% of girls who purge, or use diet pills, frequently read women’s health and fitness magazines.
  • 95% of those who diet, as opposed to maintaining a healthy food regime, will regain their lost weight within 5 years.

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