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National Substance Abuse Prevention Month       
National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Did you know that October 2012 is the second annual National Substance Abuse Prevention Month? The Office of National Drug Control Policy and President Obama joined forces in 2011 to encourage the on-going prevention efforts of substance abuse issues among teens and young adults. To learn more and get involved click here for more information: National Substance Abuse Prevention Month


Director Kerlikowske on National Substance Abuse Prevention Month
Director Kerlikowske on National Substance Abuse Prevention Month
Mental Health Awareness Week

In 1990, the U.S. Congress established the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) in recognition of NAMI's efforts to raise mental illness awareness. Since 1990, mental health advocates across the country have joined together during the first full week of October in sponsoring many kinds of activities


Sovereign Health Group was proud to sponsor the annual NAMI Walks on October 6th in Huntington Beach and Santa Monica in California. The National Association for Mental Illness continues to provide awareness and education for consumers and family members across the United States. To learn more about NAMI and get involved, please visit

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Staff Q&A
 Name: Dr. Kelly Krueger

Title: Clinical Director

Q: How did you become involved in substance abuse prevention?

A: My involvement in substance abuse started from a young age. From the time I became an adolescent, to my young adulthood I was deeply involved with both drugs and alcohol. I was trying to deal with these issues myself for many years until, at 25, I checked into Hazelden treatment center and began to finally sober up. After settling myself at Hazelden, I began aftercare and have been attending regular meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous for over 30 years.

Q: What made you decide to go into psychology?

A: When I finally sobered up I wasn't working, and realized that I needed to become self-sufficient. I had always been interested in psychology and had studied it earlier. I majored in psychology in junior college and went on to receive my MA from Antioch University and my Psy.D. from the American Behavioral Studies Institute. I decided to work in the field of psychology because I have always been interested in the mind and the unconscious and it also allowed me to pursue counseling and give back.

Q: What aspect of working at Sovereign Health did you enjoy/appreciate the most?

A: The aspect of working at Sovereign I enjoy the most is the ability to see how the clients are able to improve over their time here. When you see a client who is at first completely down and broken and then eventually the light just turns on and you want him or her begin to internalize and understand the things that therapy presents them, this is a great thing to witness. Also being able to be a part of this process, by doing therapy with patients is another great aspect of this job.

Q: What are the most difficult and most rewarding parts of recovery from substance abuse for you?

A: The difficult part of recovery is not being able to rest on your laurels. When you're in recovery, you can't just say; "I'm a month sober, that's great" or just be happy with having been drug free for some years. Each day is a struggle and you have to take each sober day 24 hours at a time. You need to have a daily reprieve based on spiritual maintenance. The most rewarding part is seeing all the people who are proud of you. Seeing your friends and family smile when they see you and hear how you're doing is just great, and knowing that no matter what, you always have the gift of sobriety to hold on to.

Q: If you could give just a few pieces of advice to those involved in substance abuse prevention, what would you say?

A: To someone who wants to pursue counseling within substance abuse prevention there is one essential point - you need to understand what it means to have suffered with substance abuse. Substance abuse is a complicated and difficult thing to deal with, so understanding where your patients are coming from is crucial. Also to work successfully in this field, you have to have an understanding of your own defects of character and your limitations so you can be aware of when patients try to manipulate you.

To someone who is just starting out in recovery or treatment; take your 12-step groups very seriously. The leaders have been through this before and they do know what they're doing. Also be open to other forms of help, whether it's from your family, doctors or others.

To someone who has been in recovery over 5 years; it's time to get your life on track. Work on your professional life; find a job, a career and what kind of skills you have. If you are still depending on others, gain an understanding of how and why you are and then fix it, you need to become self-sufficient. Also by now, since you've gone a while in recovery take a look at your physical health and see what needs improvement.

Q: What is the most effective way to prevent someone from abusing a substance?

A: There are two things that are really important to help prevent substance abuse: education and resources. Education should start as early as possible, even when kids are just starting to read, especially if they are particularly in danger of falling victim to substances. This kind of education should teach kids the dangers of substances and how they can find help for themselves or for others. Related to that, resources as also key in preventing substance abuse, or preventing those who are already abusing from getting worse or hurting others. Making sure that resources are available and accessible for those who need it, as well as making people aware of resources, can help them more easily find those who can help.

Meet Our Staff

Brain Wellness Program

Sovereign Health Group is pleased to present a new and innovative addition to its syllabus of dual diagnosis treatment services.


San Clemente, California (PRWEB) October 10, 2012


The Sovereign Health Group is pleased to present a new and innovative addition to its syllabus of dual diagnosis treatment services called the Brain Wellness Program. An interdisciplinary offering, Brain Wellness combines individual and group cognitive rehabilitation exercises with a customizable program that incorporates a brain healthy diet, sleep hygiene, and stress management. 

The objective of this breakthrough program is to enhance the brain wellness of participants and give them tools to combat cognitive deficits. The Brain Wellness Program is simple, yet powerful, and uses state of the art technology along with the specialized fields of interest of Sovereign Health of California's many gifted practitioners. Normal cognitive decline can be sighted in individuals as they age, however, noted mental fatigue, memory loss and significant deficits in cognitive functioning can be treated using the individualized program designed specifically to help in everyday life. Individuals with cognitive deficiencies due to substance abuse and mental health conditions have experienced significant improvement through the use of the Brain Wellness Program. (Read More)

Sovereign Health Presents Innovative Aftercare Program at World EAP Conference

Sovereign Health is proud to announce that it has been chosen to present T.E.A.M. (Technologically Enhanced Aftercare Program), its new and innovative online aftercare program at the Annual World EAP Conference in Baltimore, MD. TEAM, or Technology Enhanced Aftercare Monitoring, integrates a variety of concepts including case management, psycho-education, client feedback, facilitation of community resources and neuro-cognitive enhancement to help clients succeed in managing their own aftercare and recovery experiences. The program is designed to help patients who have left treatment in their long road of recovery by providing them the support and assistance they need to help ensure success.

At the Annual World EAP Conference, Sovereign Health's Miles Murdaugh and Jared Friedman will deliver a one-hour presentation on the TEAM project, detailing the thoughts behind the creation of the TEAM project, relevant research that has been conducted on the significance of aftercare and the effectiveness of "distance" aftercare (after done through phone or internet contact) and explain how TEAM and programs like it can help revolutionize the field of aftercare.

We hope you will join our excitement as Sovereign Health continues advancing the field of mental health in innovative ways through our TEAM program and the work we do each day. At Sovereign Health we hold patient care as our highest standard which is why we have created TEAM and programs like it to advance patient care. We are proud and thankful that we have been afforded this opportunity to present the TEAM program and sincerely hope that it will help improve not only the field of aftercare, but the field of mental health as a whole.

Industry Hot Topics Survey
Sovereign Health would like to bring you the latest hot topics via C.E. presentations, articles, blogs, videos in the behavioral healthcare industry.  We want your suggestions, please take the survey below and provide us with what you want to learn more about.

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We are currently looking for presenters/speakers on hot topics in the Mental Health/Addiction/Eating Disorders treatment realm for events in November, December, and upcoming 2013. Please contact Marissa Maldonado

Video On Demand

Sovereign Health Welcomes Dr. Divya Kakaiya presenting on BED and Impulse Dysregulation.

 Dr. Kakaiya 

Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D., is the Clinical Director and Founder of Healthy Within treatment program in San Diego and Past President and Founder of Healthy Within Foundation, California. She has been treating eating disorders since 1985.

Binge Eating Disorder and Impulse Dysregulation - Divya Kakaiya
Binge Eating Disorder and Impulsive Dysregulation - Divya Kakaiya

 View All of Sovereign's Past Presentatons Here

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Alumni Spotlight
Nathaniel's Story- Nathaniel who was in our Lake Arrowhead location before coming down to Sovereign health San Clemente in California shares his experience about his treatment in the center. He said he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. He had bad attitude before coming here and now he learned how to fix the problem, he has learned how to manage anger. He has hope that after going back from Sovereign Health he is to going to lead normal life, going back to school and play football.
Mental Health - Nathaniel's Story
Mental Health - Nathaniel's Story
Using Health Insurance

Mental Health, Eating Disorder, and Addiction Treatment had been non-existent for thousands of people in the United States every year due to not having enough resources to pay for a program. Sovereign Health of California wanted to change the face of the utilization of health insurance in treatment and help more people reach the help they need and deserve. Sovereign has been diligent and motivated from the very beginning to create and continue increasing the amount of coverage that a patient receives for treatment. From the very first call, our admissions team will handle the verification of benefits and devise a plan of action to get the patient into treatment as quickly as possible. If the patient does not have the deductible or out of pocket expenses, we are willing to work with each person individually with the resources available to make it work. Patients at Sovereign are seeing an average of 30-45 covered days in treatment, with quite a few reaching 60 days, and a few even reaching 90 days. Sovereign Health is Joint Commission Accredited and continues to build an excellent system of patient documentation to prove medical necessity for treatment. Sovereign is dedicated to excellent patient care and satisfaction. We are proud to say "We Accept and Direct Bill Insurance".

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Admission Information

Admissions Process

At Sovereign Health of California, we utilize an experienced intake staff to facilitate entry into our program.  The confidential intake process usually begins with a brief conversation to help determine whether we are a suitable match for a potential patient.  The next step is to determine the level of care necessary.  Finally, the information is passed on to our clinical staff, who are in charge of assessment and admission. 

We invite you to call us at 866-819-2948 or email us at

Sovereign Health of California specializes in providing holistic and evidence-based clinical treatment, focusing on the person as a whole.  Conditions, including mental health, dual diagnoses, and eating disorders, are treated simultaneously and with equal care in our specialized treatment centers.  A clinical model of healing the physical, mental, and emotional is used to treat our patients. 

Company Summary

Sovereign Health Group offers treatment for Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health, and Eating Disorders.  We use a foundation of evidence based treatment modalities and blend experiential therapies to create finely balanced treatment programs.  We have locations in San Clemente and Culver City.  Sovereign Health is Joint Commission Accredited and hold high standards for excellent patient care.  We have a team of licensed medical professionals that provide cutting edge and effective clinical treatments.  Sovereign has a mission to rewire the brain one step at a time and create a foundation for a long lasting recovery.
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 Corporate Address:
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