Depression And Pancreatic Cancer Linked, Studies Show

Individuals with pancreatic cancer are more likely to experience depression than other cancer patients. In fact, scientists have been well aware of this correlation since the 1930s, when numerous psychiatric symptoms were found to precede or accompany the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer - specifically depression, anxiety and a sense of impending doom. Since this discovery, numerous researchers have...Find out more..

Poor Glycemic Control Linked To Dementia, World's Largest Study Shows

Last month, a group of researchers presented some startling findings: Poor glycemic control (HbA1c less than or equal to 10 percent) predicts future dementia in individuals with Type 2 diabetes. This study is the largest of its kind to date and may serve to guide scientists toward new, cutting-edge treatment for dementia... Find out more...

Embrace The Family 
'Black Sheep' This Holiday

The holiday season is filled with decorations, food, presents, family photos, and social and work gift exchanges. The holidays can be a fun time, full of food, festivities and gifts, but for many people the holidays can be a stressful time. Although the holiday season could be a time to celebrate friends and family, some are at a loss when family members do not get along and they feel like they have to survive the tension...Find out more...
Anxiety And 
Physical Illness

With headlines warning us of international terrorism, global warming, and economic slowdown, we're all likely to be a little more anxious these days. As an everyday emotion, anxiety - the "fight or flight" response - can be a good thing, prompting us to take extra precautions. But when anxiety persists in the absence of a need to fight...Find out more...
The Oft-Ignored Link Between Mental Illness And Hypothyroid Disease

Meet your mitochondria. With a laundry list of responsibilities ranging from creating energy to determining the time of a cell's death, mitochondria have increasingly become the focus of chronic disease research. The keeper of our mitochondria...Find out more...

Book Spotlight:
Working Towards 
A Thrive-ing Nation!

Contemporary psychiatry is influenced by an important concept: understanding mental illness in the context of physical disease. With the vast development of drugs formulated to control mental disorders in the 20th century, it has further cemented the notion that mental illnesses are fundamentally similar to physical illnesses.

Richard Layark and David M. Clark attempt to reconsolidate that idea in their book titled "Thrive: How Better Mental Health Care Transforms Lives and Saves Money." Taking a deeper look into the underlying connections between the mental and physical aspects of the human body, they offer solutions and suggestions for effective treatment.

"Our book sets out the nature and scale of the problem, the case for action and the outline of a solution. People with mental health problems should have the same access to treatment as people who are physically ill. It is morally right that they should , and it is also vital for our economy and for the functioning of our... Find out more..
Psychology Today:
 Medical Marijuana: The Science Behind THC And CBD
 Despite The Medicinal Benefits, Cannabis Remains Controversial.
                                                                                                      - By Ralph Ryback, M.D.
Although marijuana remains a Schedule I substance with the Drug Enforcement Agency, medicinal marijuana continues to make headway in today's medical society and is stirring up controversy among lawmakers, politicians and medical professionals. Since 23 states and the District of Columbia have made medical marijuana legal, it can be fair to say that cannabis is here to stay. The present DEA's policy (i.e. Schedule I) has made medical research on marijuana almost impossible in the United States. Other Schedule I drugs include LSD and heroin... Find out more...

Featured Patient Review:

This member of Sovereign Health's mental health program found the treatment provider at just the right time. Before his admittance, Christopher was dealing with untreated cases of bipolar disorder and gambling addiction. While on medication that was unfit for his co-occurring conditions, he experienced a downward spiral of financial distress and eventually found himself in situations that threatened his overall safety.

Christopher received rehabilitative treatment before, but struggled with how previous caretakers focused only on his addiction and ignored his anxiety. Luckily, he worked with his psychiatrist to find the right type of medicine for his feelings of apprehension and powerlessness. Instead of being mentally dragged into the ground, Christopher felt nothing but support at Sovereign.

One specific aspect of Sovereign's recovery plan that Christopher especially appreciated was how his therapists incorporated important people, such as his grandparents and his girlfriend, into sessions and communicated how his journey through treatment would be an ongoing process. Christopher expressed how helpful these clearly defined expectations were for ensuring a safe and structured environment for him as he re-entered the outside world.

Instead of resorting to fiery outbursts or heading to the casino, Christopher detailed a list of new coping skills that he learned in therapy. With his recent graduation into outpatient treatment, he now reduces stress and other emotional difficulties by going outside and walking his dogs. Lastly, he reminded current and future clients to engage in therapy, as it makes the entire process a much more fun and fast experience for everyone.

"I just hope for whoever's watching this, you can understand that and take the leap. I wasn't willing and I did it anyway. And it's been powerful for me, immensely powerful."

Sovereign Health Group is a leader in providing excellent care and hosts a number of different treatment options for adults and adolescents including support services for the family as well. Along with dual diagnosis, Sovereign also offers addiction and mental health treatment programs that utilize innovative cognitive testing, rehabilitation and evidence-based treatment methods. For more information regarding available options and plans, please visit our website at or call our 24/7 admissions helpline at 866-827-2291.

Watch Christopher talking about his experience at Sovereign and how our treatment program helped him
recover in this short video.
 Psychology Today:
 Can Your Birthday Predict Your Mental Health?
 Research Reveals Some Unnerving Links, And Suggests Some  Explanations.                                                                - By Ralph Ryback, M.D.

It's Sunday morning. You look at the newspaper - or, more likely, the Internet - to read your horoscope for the day. It looks like luck is in your future, although you should be careful not to overestimate your abilities, especially when it comes to that new project at work. This is consistent with your Aries personality, since people with this sign tend to have high expectations for their own abilities.

For most people, horoscopes are fun little time wasters or goofy conversation starters. Researchers have long been aware that horoscopes don't actually...Find out more...
 Staff Highlight: 
Anthony J. Mele, Psy.D
Chief Clinical Officer, San Clemente, CA

Anthony J. Mele, Psy.D., is Chief Clinical Officer at Sovereign Health Group. He earned a doctorate in Psychology at Widener University in Pennsylvania. As Executive Director of Catholic Clinical Consultants for Catholic Health Care Services, Anthony assisted in maintaining clinical and operational infrastructure within the company. He fulfilled several corporate and clinical responsibilities, including meeting established financial goals and providing patient care. Anthony previously held the position of Senior Vice President at A&M Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, a behavioral health care consulting and marketing firm. Anthony is excited to work with Sovereign Health Group to further the company's growth. 
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