Behavioral Health News Update - May 2015

Mindfulness Meditation Alters Brain Waves and Produces Peace of Mind 


You might be familiar with the concept of brain waves - oscillations in neural activity that can be measured with an EEG, or electroencephalogram. The brain produces certain waves while a person is sleeping and other waves when a person is awake. Some brain waves are dominant during learning, whereas others gain strength when a person is daydreaming. In many ways, brain waves reflect how the entire brain is feeling at any given moment. Is it awake and pumped with energy? Or is it lackadaisical or muddled?


There are currently five known brain waves.


Alpha brain waves reflect calm, relaxed thought.



10 Wonderful Ways 

to Relax in Public Places


Every day, you wake up and do your usual morning routine. You take public transportation or get in a car, then head off to work. After eight to 10 hours of work, the day comes to a close and you head out. What you do next is completely up to you, but in most circumstances, all you want to do is to find a good place to relax.


With all the hustle and bustle from the city or downtown, people want to relax at the end of the day. However, it's very hard for people to relax in public places. After all, these places are accessible to everyone and everyone can do as they please. On the other hand - a lot of people will say that city plazas and central parks are the best places to relax in public.



San Diego 

Open House



June 9, 11:00 AM to 

2:00 PM PST



Dr. Paula Maness 



2815 Steele Canyon Road

El Cajon, CA 92019  






Orange County Networking & C.E. Event


June 10, 11:30 AM to 

1:30 PM  PST



Dr. Leslee Brown 


Topic: Keeping Psychotherapists Healthy: Is Self Care Important



1211 Puerta Del Sol San Clemente, 

CA 92673


Los Angeles Networking & C.E. Event


June 11, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM PST



Cindy Dupuie, CN


Topic: Understanding the Body and Brain as it Relates to Depression Anxiety, and

Substance Abuse



6167 Bristol Parkway, Suite 100 Culver City, 

CA 90230 

C.E. Webinar For Behavioral Health Professionals


June 17, 11:00 AM to 

12:00 PM PST or 

2:00 to 3:00 PM EST


Dr. David Koehn, Ph.D.


Topic: Post Traumatic Stress Disorders


Location: Online






Staff Highlight


Jim Condon

Clinical Director

Jim Condon is the Clinical Director at Sovereign Health of Florida in Fort Myers. Mr. Condon is responsible for managing the program and directly supervising all clinicians, counselors, behavioral health technicians and nursing staff. He has a master's degree in the field of social work from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a bachelor of arts degree in the field of psychology from Boston University in Massachusetts. Mr. Condon worked as an embedded social worker for the 320th Special Tactics Squadron in Okinawa, Japan. He also spent nine years as an officer and clinical social worker with the United States Navy. Mr. Condon is a licensed clinical social worker with the Florida Department of Health and is board certified by the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work. 

Dare to Dream in the 'The World Beyond Your Head' by Matthew B. Crawford 


The epidemic of attention-deficit disorder remains on the rise in America among adults as well as children and adolescents. Everyone at least seems to have undivided attention-deficit disorder. In today's society, distractions are everywhere and multi-tasking is honored.


Theories on what causes attention problems abound, including the air, water, food, technology and modern families; the cause could even be a combination of these or all of them together. In any case, quick-fix tips and tricks proliferate with practical advice. But contemplating the issue in the context of a worldview can also put the matter into perspective and lead to one's own path for success.


One of the best tools for success is the ability to stay focused. 


Featured Patient Review: Jared


After his attempted suicide in November of last year, Jared suffered from suicidal ideations for another two months. Throughout this time, he and his wife contacted various mental health centers searching for a comprehensive approach to treatment. Specifically, Jared wanted a qualified staff with accredited degrees above all else, meaning he would be in the care of professionals who understood his specific problem and were experienced in solving it.


After Sovereign Health's team of mental health experts and practitioners caught his attention, Jared and his wife were not sure what to expect when they first arrived. He recalls coming on a Sunday and was immediately impressed that the facility had available employees that coordinated treatment, handled intake and helped them get through the admission process smoothly. He even compared Sovereign to a well-oiled machine, as the center's productivity and proficiency helped him accomplish his goals.


The 37-year-old wanted to work as hard as he possibly could to improve himself and he believed Sovereign offered the required resources to do so. Furthermore, he and his therapist were a perfect match, as the needed challenge complemented both sides of the relationship. He expressed, "I got two kids at home, and a wife, and I had no other choice. If I didn't get better, I wasn't going to get better. So I had to work as hard as I could to do it. The people here challenge me every day."


In total, Jared spent 45 days at Sovereign Health and said he loved every minute of it. He also stated that the day-to-day routine could be mentally exhausting at times, but only because he wished to put the work into his own recovery process. Jared did not want to waste any of his time at Sovereign, which was typically displayed through his active participation in group role-playing sessions. Overall, group and individual therapy helped build a sense of safety and openness for him, which led to exponential self-growth. Most importantly, Jared insists the daily structure of The Sovereign Way kicked the feelings of suicide and other worrisome thoughts out of his life.


Sovereign Health Group is a leader in providing excellent care and hosts a number of different treatment options for adults and adolescents including support services for family members as well. Sovereign's addiction and mental health treatment programs employ innovative cognitive testing, rehabilitation and evidence-based treatment methods. For further information regarding available options and plans, please visit our website at or call our 24/7 admissions helpline at 866-596-3609.



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