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Should The D Be Taken Out Of PTSD?
Brain Awareness week
Zohydro Could Be The Next OxyContin
Meet Our Staff
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Networking & C.E. Events
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Should The D Be Taken Out Of PTSD?
What's in a name? Just as Juliet mused on whether a rose (or her love Romeo) would be any different were it called a different name, doctors and now former President George W. Bush have started wondering if PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) would be seen in a different.....
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The Sovereign Health Treatment Podcast provides compelling guest lectures aiming to help educate professionals and patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues, eating disorders and people in need of a dualdiagnosis. 

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Brain Awareness week


Every March, one week is dedicated as Brain Awareness Week, sponsored by the DANA Foundation. For 2014, that week is March 10-16.The celebration of Brain Awareness Week (BAW) began in 1996,
Zohydro Could Be The Next OxyContin
Advocacy groups are unhappy about a new drug that is expected to be on the market within weeks, according to a letter signed by 40 organizations sent in February 2014 to
Meet Our Staff 
Staff Profile- Ben Kaneaiakala


This month, Ben Kaneaiakala, the recently 

appointed Director of Operations - West Coast at Sovereign Health Group, joined us to discuss his background and his excitement about his new role. What is your background, including your education and work experience? I started off in the field 25 years ago when I went into treatment for my drug and alcohol addiction.

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Video on Demand
Dual Diagnosis Treatment - Kathleen Testimonial
Dual Diagnosis Treatment - Kathleen Testimonial
Kathleen details her experience in the Dual Diagnosis Program at Sovereign Health Group. Kathleen heard about Sovereign Health through her mother, who researched several programs online and decided that dual diagnosis would be the best option. Kathleen started drinking socially when she was 15 and never thought she had a problem. However, she is bipolar and self-medicates. About a year after her daughter was born, she found herself drinking every day. 
Networking & C.E. Events
Orange County Area
Networking Luncheon and C.E. Presentation
Topic:Spirituality for Recovering People 
Speaker: Sonnee D. Weedn, Ph.D. 
Date: 4/09/2014
Time: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm pst
Location: 1211, Puerta Del Sol, 
San Clemente, CA 92673

Los Angeles Area

Networking Luncheon and CE Presentation

Topic: 12 Steps Spirituality
Speaker: Herb Kaighan
Date: 4/10/2014
Time: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm pst
Location: 6167, Bristol Parkway,
Suite 100, Culver City, CA 90230

C.E. Webinar
Earn 1 Free C.E. Online


Topic: The Hormone Factor In Mental Health
Speaker: Linda Rio 
Date: 4/16/2014
Time: 11 am to 12 pm pst
Location: Online

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Who We Are & What We Do


Sovereign Health Group offers treatment for Addiction & Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health. We utilize a foundation of evidence based treatment modalities, 12 step support, and blend experiential therapies to create finely balanced treatment programs.


At Sovereign Health Group, we utilize experienced Admissions specialists 24 hours per day to facilitate entry into our programs. The admission process begins with a brief confidential telephone assessment to determine whether we are a suitable match and the projected program/level of care. We will review the financial and insurance options to help determine the most cost effective plan. 


Call our Admission team at 866-827-2291866-827-2291  


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Utilizing Insurance
Cost Effective Treatment


Many sufferers of Addiction, Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health conditions have been left untreated due to not having enough financial resources to cover a treatment program.  In the past, there were programs for those who qualified for county and/or government assistance and programs for those who were able to afford high end treatment. The question then arose, what about the middle, typically known as the working class?


Sovereign Health Group wanted to change the face of the utilization of private health insurance for behavioral health and addiction treatment and help more people reach the help they need and deserve.   SHG has been diligent and motivated from inception to create and continue increasing the amount of coverage a patient receives for treatment. From the very first call, our admissions team will handle the verification of benefits and devise a plan of action to get the patient into treatment as quickly as possible. We are willing to work with each person individually and devise the best plan.


We are proud to say "We Accept and Direct Bill Insurance".


We accept most PPO and HMO insurances up front, call Admissions today to learn more, 866-819-2948866-819-2948. 


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