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 Sovereign Health Today: Agents of a Paradigm ShiftDr._Sharma-1.jpg
Tonmoy Sharma,
CEO of Sovereign Health

The behavioral health industry is in the middle of a tsunami, with insurance reimbursement on a very severe downward trend. Sovereign had the foresight to build strong clinical compliance departments, invest in training and make sure that we got our ducks in a row. READ MORE

Taking Evidence-Based Treatment Standards Veena_Kumari_copy-1.jpg
to the
Next Level

Veena Kumari, Ph.D., C. Psychol., AFBPsS, Chief Scientific Officer

I am looking forward to another exciting new year at Sovereign Health. When I arrived here in the summer of 2016 from London, I was immediately struck by the cohesive work environment and eagerness of the team members to maintain excellence in every department. We already have many important achievements and have many more planned for the future. READ MORE 

M E D I A  H I G H L I G H T S 

Jamie_JD-final_12-23-16_SLM-1.jpgLooking Forward to Growth and Innovation in 2017

Jamie Deans, Senior Director, Communications

Just as Sovereign Health is a trailblazer and innovator in behavioral health treatment, we are also innovative in the application of our communications and marketing products and services. READ MORE 

M E D I C A L  N E W S •

brian_info_SovHealth_21stCenturyCureActPassesSenate_20161207_WS-3.jpgSenate Passes the Groundbreaking 21st Century Cures Act 

The 21st Century Cures Act, the first major mental health legislation in nearly a decade, was passed by the Senate on Dec. 7.  READ MORE

• C L I N I C A L  N E W S •

Probuphine Update: Moving Forward Amanda_Info_SovCal_Probuphine-update_201600902_BG-1.jpg
with T
raining for Healthcare Providers

Robuphine is a buprenorphine implant that is placed under the skin to treat peo ple who are trying to break free of opioid dependence. The implant delivers a continuous dose of buprenorphine for a six-month period, according to a press release by Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. READ MORE

• F E A T U R E  N E W S •


Recovering From Christmas – Mind, Wallet and Soul

With shaking hands and a tired, anxious look in her eyes, she plants both feet on the ground and stands up. She looks around the circle of similar expressions and with a frustrated sigh, confesses, “Hi. My name is Jan, and I’m a Christma-holic.” Surfing social media and news it appears a common consensus. READ MORE


Tips For Bonding With Family Post-holiday

Now that the holiday season is ending, you might have caught yourself congratulating your inner self on surviving the holidays with some grace… almost. Expectations are elevated during the holidays due to family rituals and assumptions about “how the holidays are supposed to be.” READ MORE


Kathleen L.’s Life-Changing Journey inKathleen-Le-Vasseur-1-1.jpg
Treatment at Sovereign Health of Los Angeles

After a terrible car accident, 46-year-old Kathleen L. endured chronic pain. She was in a wheelchair and had to undergo spinal fusion surgery. “They were going to put a pain pump in me and a spinal cord stimulator,” said Kathleen. “I was taking Percocet, Vicodin, Soma and Alprazolam, and I had a nurse that came every week for a ketamine infusion.” Kathleen began to travel down a dangerous road after her husband filed for divorce. She started taking more of her medication to cope with her emotional pain. “I needed it, but I just didn’t want to feel what I was feeling. I started mixing the alcohol with my medicine to make it not hurt so much.” READ MORE

• C O R E B R A I N  J O U R N A L •

Dr. J Mele.jpgAnthony Mele, Psy.D., Chief Clinical Officer, Discusses Addiction Treatment Evolution on Corebrain Journal's Podcast

Anthony J. Mele, Psy.D., Chief Clinical Officer of Sovereign Health, discusses Sovereign Health and the evolution of addiction treatment. The interview was first broadcasted live on CoreBrain Journal on Tuesday, Jan. 3. Sovereign Health’s commitment to each patient begins with a rigorous, comprehensive diagnostic assessment including an evaluation of the patient’s cognitive functioning. Sovereign passionately believes that the foundation for every patient’s recovery needs to be a highly comprehensive, individualized and evidence-based treatment plan. SEE MORE

N E W S  A R C H I V E S •



Breaking the Cycle of Addiction in Families

It has been proven that genetic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes have an increased risk if a first-degree relative such as a mom, dad, sister or brother is affected.It is even true that patients with a first-degree relative affected READ MORE

P S Y C H O L O G Y  T O D A Y 

Perfectionism vs. Obsessive-CompulsiveKristen_Guest_Psychology-Today-Dec19_OCD-vs-OCPD_20161202_SLM-1.jpg

-By Ralph Ryback, M.D., and Courtney Lopreseti, M.S.

In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) was separated from the anxiety disorders (which are suggested to be emotional processing problems) and placed in the category. READ MORE

shutterstock_461812087-1.jpgThe 7 Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

-By Ralph Ryback, M.D., and Kristen Fuller, M.D., senior staff writer for Sovereign Health

This series of posts has focused on recognizing toxic traits in a relationship and navigating through the feelings that can result.  READ MORE

S O V E R E I G N  I N  T H E  N E W S •

New Q&A on Lies, Deception and the Personalities Behind Them Now Live on - Yahoo

Donna Hugh, Program Director at Sovereign Health of Los Angeles, Discusses Interventions in a New Television Interview - MS News Now

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Rachael Mattice, Managing Editor for Sovereign Health

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