Sovereign Health Opens Addiction Treatment Facility in El Paso, Texas

Sovereign Health Group Introduces Charlene Templet 
Program Director, Sovereign Health of El Paso

Charlene Kaye Templet - pronounced "Tom-Play" - is the program director of the Sovereign Health Group's El Paso treatment center. Her experience includes serving as the clinical supervisor of La Frontera in Las Cruces, New Mexico, until July 2015. Previously, she managed inpatient, outpatient, individual and couples therapy for Aliviane, Inc., in El Paso, where she provided treatment for substance abuse, mental health conditions, co-occurring disorders and eating disorders. Under her leadership, Sovereign Health of Texas opened its doors in January. 

About our facility
Sovereign Health of Texas is a 70-bed facility offering residential and outpatient treatment for adult female and male patients. Our bilingual staff can provide care in both English and Spanish. 

Press Release:
Sovereign Health Opens Addiction Treatment Center in El Paso
El Paso, Texas - January 19, 2016 - The Sovereign Health Group is pleased to announce the opening of a comprehensive treatment center in El Paso, Texas.  This new facility offers specialized treatment for adults dealing with addiction disorders.  The dual diagnosis emphasis identifies the co-occurring condition that contributes to the disorders, addressing the underlying problem and reducing the risk of relapse.  Sovereign Health of El Paso offers treatment for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking patients. 

M E D I C A L  N E W S

Screening is Key During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: Feb. 21-27, 2016 

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) reported that 20 million women and 10 million men in the U.S. will develop an eating disorder - including anorexia nervosa.

How Oxytocin Could be the Next Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Feeling connected to someone is actually driven by physiological responses in the body. Oxytocin, "the bonding hormone," is the perfect example of how nature and nurture collide.
C L I N I C A L  N E W S

Interview: Crisis Management and the Treatment of Trauma Amongst Substance Abusers
Q&A Featuring Sovereign Health Group's Maria Spitz, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Neuroscience

A crisis may occur in response to a traumatic event - including a life-threatening situation, sexual assault, loss of a loved one or a drastic change in an important relationship (e.g., divorce) - or worsening symptoms of a mental illness. Not only are patients with substance abuse more likely to experience co-occurring mental health problems, these individuals are more likely to experience trauma and other psychosocial stressors, such as unemployment, financial problems, relationship problems and homelessness, which can lead to crisis.

People with substance abuse and mental health problems are more likely to face highly stressful and traumatic situations as a result of their symptoms. These situations are often exacerbated by the use of drugs and alcohol to cope. In patients with substance abuse and mental illness, the distress associated with a crisis can be exacerbated by the addiction and lead to hospitalization when their symptoms are severe or when they are at risk of harming themselves or others.

Ketamine Could Break Through Depression, Study Shows

One of the classic symptoms of depression is anhedonia, or the loss of interest and pleasure in activities that were previously interesting or rewarding. 

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Leap-Year Baby

This year, babies born on the last day of February will have a special distinction: They will be leap-year babies.

The chance of being born on Feb. 29 is slimmer than being born on any other day of the year.
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Exploring the New Clinical Neuroscience Developments 
at Sovereign Health
Maria S. Spitz, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Neuroscience

Dr. Maria S. Spitz joined Sovereign Health as the director of clinical neuroscience. Dr. Spitz oversees Sovereign's neurofeedback program and clinical neuroscience services at both the corporate and individual levels. Dr. Spitz is a licensed clinical psychologist in New York state and California (eligible). Dr. Spitz earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in child development from California State University, Chico. She received a Master of Arts in psychology and Doctor of Philosophy in clinical psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York, NY.

We asked Dr. Spitz to discuss some of her experiences with assessing and treating patients with substance abuse, mental illness and co-occurring disorders, and some of the new developments in the clinical neuroscience program at Sovereign Health. 

 P A T I E N T   T E S T I M O N I A L S

Kate's Review - Dual Diagnosis Treatment - "I Felt Safe at Sovereign"

S O V E R E I G N  I N  T H E  N E W S 

"Sovereign Health of Pompano Beach Open House a big success" 
Westside Gazette

"Pompano Beach substance abuse clinic focuses on the 'whole picture'"
- Pelican Newspaper

"Sovereign Health of San Diego's open house provides tours of adolescent treatment facility" - The Californian
P S Y C H O L O G Y  T O D A Y

Release the Shame to Heal
A Q&A with Meghan Marcum, Psy.D.,
Sovereign Health's Director of Clinical Excellence

Nobody sets out to become a drug addict. Society needs to have a more compassionate view toward addiction and substance abuse. If we do away with the shame, we may just beat the problem. Meghan Marcum of Sovereign Health explains in detail.

Please share one or two factors that distinguish your program(s)?

Sovereign Health emphasizes treating the brain and cognition from the onset of treatment as a standard of care.

Music's Power Explained
How You Listen May Determine your Mental Health  
- By Ralph Ryback, M.D.

Music can be a powerful emotional tool. The sweet, somber sounds of Adele's "Someone Like You" can bring chills - or even tears - to listeners. In the 18th century, the emotional allure of music was no different: The quiet, reverberating notes in Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 can still evoke loneliness and despair.
Psychiatrist vs. Psychologist
What to Know Before Seeking One of these Professionals 
- By Ralph Ryback, M.D.

Movies and television shows often portray therapy for an emotional or mental illness as lying on a couch in an office while pouring out your heart to a doctor. In reality, this is not necessarily what happens in therapy. The term therapy is an all-encompassing term that includes medication and many different types of psychosocial therapies. 
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