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B E H A V I O R A L  H E A L T H  N E W S 

Improving Behavioral Health Care andDrBhatt_20161125_SLM copy.jpg Access For Everyone
Ashish Bhatt, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Over the last year we have had tremendous growth at Sovereign Health. Despite existing in difficult times within the treatment and health care industry, we continue to fight the stigma and prejudice I mentioned in last year’s message. From “NIMBY-ism” (Not In My Backyard) to insurance company obstacles, we have proven to stand strong.

Improving access to care for everyone

We fought for our patients’ cause by providing national access to evidence-based treatment for those with behavioral health disorders. We have also solidified Sovereign Health’s ability to care for the most severely mentally ill individuals who could not be accommodated by other treatment centers. In this way, we are helping patients avoid emergency rooms and allowing them to receive the comprehensive care they need.

We understand that there is a void within the continuum of care that exists between acute inpatient settings and outpatient treatment. We are here to fill that void through the development of unique facilities, specialized clinical programs and open access to all patients who otherwise may not be able to access the care they need.

Raising the bar for clinical excellence

Medically and clinically, we continue to excel. Sovereign Health now acts as a resource for other treatment facilities that do not have the capacity to treat severely mentally ill patients. We have augmented our services, from our advanced programming to our collaboration with laboratory services and pharmaceutical services. These services help streamline accessibility and availability of needed diagnostics and therapeutics to ensure we execute our treatment plans optimally. These improvements provide uninterrupted care to our patients.

Our treatment protocols for detox and medical management have been standardized across many of our sites, as well our onsite parallel medical tracks to address non-behavioral health conditions. We have introduced a team of Global Psychiatric Consultants (GPC) who are available around the clock to provide consultation on a variety of levels relating to patient care. Although they do not provide hands-on direct treatment, their knowledge and training related to pre-admission screening and patient case conceptualization add a level of sophistication unparalleled by any other treatment provider.

Exciting new programs and experts

New clinical programs were launched and have been very successful so far. Our PRIME program (Personal Recovery Integrating Men’s Experiences) in Palm Desert was designed to meet the mental health needs of men from age 45 to 64 due to the high rate of suicide in that age group. PRIME offers treatment for mental health and substance use disorders as well as dual diagnosis. PRIME has already received fantastic reviews. Even newer is our Pain Recovery Program, designed to help adult patients who have chronic pain and have become chemically dependent on opioids. The Pain Recovery Program is offered at our Orange County location and is in great demand.

Our goal of bringing psychiatric addiction specialists to each of our sights has been reached. In addition, Sovereign Health welcomed the award-winning Dr. Veena Kumari as our Chief Scientific Officer in 2016. Her expertise in measurement-based outcomes, clinical program development and systems development will ensure that our outcomes are evaluated. We are here to ensure not only that our methods are based on reproducible evidence, but that our measures are valid and reliable. Our patients and families deserve treatment that will yield lasting results.

Getting better every day

As the holidays and new year approach, we need to recognize our resources at Sovereign Health and give thanks for them, as it has been these resources that allow us to contribute to the betterment of our patients and their families’ lives. We should not be complacent, but rather continue to strive to be better each day. Our obligation is to maintain and enhance these resources so that we can continue to do this very important job we all do here at Sovereign Health.

KristenF_newsletter_message_Dr-Mele_20161121_SLM copy.jpgSovereign Health Aims For Excellence
Anthony J. Mele, Psy.D, Chief Clinical Officer

“Who aims at excellence will be above mediocrity; who aims at mediocrity will be far short of it” – Burmese saying

In 2016, Sovereign aimed for excellence, achieved many significant goals and established the groundwork for a future where we are leaders in the delivery of behavioral health services. Throughout 2016, Sovereign continued its evolution into a national system of evidence-based behavioral health facilities, where clinical and operations decisions are based on data. From our new clinical program development to measuring clinical outcomes, Sovereign relies on data. PIMS (the Patient Information Management System) is proving to be a great asset in this regard.

Integrating theory into practice

Our clinical accomplishments include establishing evidence-based clinical programs based on research and outcomes. From establishing our first detox and dual diagnosis program in Texas, launching our PRIME program in Palm Desert and our pain management program in San Clemente, to establishing and expanding the clinical scope at our trauma program in Chandler, to expanding neurofeedback and embarking on a true brain-wellness approach to recovery and mental health treatment, Sovereign is a leader in integrating psychological theory into clinical practice.

Expanding our capacity to serve adolescents with eating disorders and gender diversity has been a quiet achievement that positions Sovereign as unique in the area of adolescent behavioral health. Equally important to our clinical enhancements has been our staff’s steady progress in meeting those goals necessary for successful operations, including timeliness and quality of clinical and medical documentation.

Into the vanguard

Sovereign’s neurobiological approach to addiction and mental health disorder is transforming behavioral health delivery. Sovereign’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Veena Kumari, an international expert in cognitive research, is helping to shape the clinical protocols and training curriculum that will propel Sovereign into the vanguard of behavioral health providers. Our Program Directors, Site Training Directors and Associate Program Directors are exceptional leaders and advocates of Sovereign’s goals.

While 2016 included these and many other significant achievements, the best is yet to come. 2017 promises to be the year that Sovereign’s “WHY” of behavioral health treatment achieves greater national recognition as a leader in clinical outcomes.

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 A S K  T H E  A D D I C T 'S  M O M 

Ask-TAM_QA-December_Story-behind-the-logo_20161206_SLM1.jpgQ&A with Barbara Theodosiou, founder of “The Addict’s Mom”

Q: What is the story behind The Addict’s Mom logo?

A: The story of the logo and mission statement is very close to my heart, for Daniel was by my side at the family kitchen table at the inception of The Addict’s Mom.

For the logo, we looked through our family pictures, remembering happier times, and together we chose a photograph of the two of us taken when he was 15 years old. I found a graphic designer to create a silhouette of the picture, and the result is our beautiful logo depicting a mother and her child.

The TAM mission statement, “Sharing Without Shame,” was Daniel’s idea. Daniel cared for the less fortunate, even when he seemed at his lowest point in his illness. However, above all else, Daniel had a very keen insight into the pain and heartache that he caused me and his family with his addiction. He recognized the shame and blame that accompanies being the mother of an addicted child.

After considering dozens of phrases and rejecting them, he blurted out, “I got it!” Our TAM mission is “Sharing Without Shame.” From the very beginning, Daniel wanted me to use our real names on the TAM website, but he noticed that the members of our newly formed group were using false names. They were ashamed to be the mother of an addict. However, he and I both knew that if they keep family crises hidden and secret, they will never be healed or solved. With addiction, especially, we need to break through the stigma; Daniel wanted the moms to feel safe using their own names.

For me, TAM has accomplished our mission as conceived by Daniel: TAM has helped to liberate over 80,000 addicts’ moms from their shame and guilt.

Ask-TAM_QA-December_Story-behind-the-logo_20161206_SLM2.jpgTo learn more about The Addict’s Mom, please visit: For more columns featuring The Addict’s Mom’s Barbara Theodosiou, check out the latest edition of the Sovereign Health Behavioral Health newsletter

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Event: caroltyler.jpg"G.A.I.N.S. – Getting Along in Society: A program- Based Model for Improving The Interpersonal & Life Skills of Individuals"

Presented by Carol P.M. Tyler, Psy.D.

Based on the teaching family program developed through the University of Kansas, the G.A.I.N.S. program trains residential counselors in group home treatment procedures, remedial education techniques, juvenile law and the organization of semi-self-government for the youths and community relations. This C.E. and networking event will take place on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 11:30 A.M. (PST) in El Cajon, CA. REGISTER NOW

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