'Break Free From Emotional Abuse' to live the life you were meant to live 


Pain is defined as an unpleasant feeling often caused by an intense or damaging stimulus. 


IQ vs. emotional intelligence: The multiple facets of brilliance

Many people view intelligence as based on measurable intellectual and mental levels. 



The science of savoring: Study unveils possibilities for depression treatment


A man visits his favorite restaurant. The waiters are overjoyed to see him - he is one of their best customers, after all - and after his meal, they bring him their best dessert on the house: a cherry pie.

Sovereign has opened a facility in 

Pompano Beach for 

Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis


Pompano Beach, Florida - July 29, 2015Sovereign Health of Florida is proud to announce the opening of its new location in Pompano Beach, Florida. Licensed as a Substance Abuse treatment facility by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), the facility's programs aim to help both men and women with substance abuse and dual diagnosis issues. The facility will provide partial hospitalization programs (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and outpatient programs for its clients.


Known as Rustic Manor, the facility can accommodate up to 46 clients at any one time in semi-private rooms. Clients will reside in gender specific apartments located in Broward County, in the coastal area of Southeast Fort Lauderdale, just a 12-mile drive to the treatment facility. In addition to 24-hour supervision, each apartment has been newly furnished with the hope that the clients will feel comfortable while away from home.

How to overcome 
an addiction

The truth about addictions is that they come in many forms, shapes and sizes. For some, it is alcohol, drugs, sex, work or relationships. For others, it is a combination of them all. Our addictions in life are similar in that they all take us to a point of excess. In many ways, this excess can derail us and keep us from focusing on the best our life has to offer.


So, how can you turn the ship around? How can you bring change - real change - to your life?

New compounds may treat depression rapidly with few side effects: New approach could revolutionize treatment

A new study by researchers at University of Maryland School of Medicine has identified promising compounds that could successfully treat depression in less than 24 hours while minimizing side effects.


Self-compassion proves more realistic and effective than self-esteem 


Nobody is perfect. Far from being a new or radical concept, most people can probably recall hearing this phrase since childhood. No matter how hard people might work, it seems they can always find someone who is smarter, more athletic or more attractive.


The self-esteem movement tells people that this doesn't matter: Something about every person is perfect, and that something will give individuals the confidence boost they need to achieve their wildest dreams. Aaron might have difficulties in math, but he's a terrific artist. Katie might struggle with making friends, but she earned the highest test scores in the state. The danger of the self-esteem movement, however, is that it still requires that individuals compare themselves to other people. If Katie does poorly on a test or Aaron gets rejected from art school, their self-worth could plummet.


Press Release:

Ashish "Ash" Bhatt, M.D., joins Sovereign Health Group as 
Chief Medical Officer

San Clemente, California - August 10, 2015 - Sovereign Health Group welcomes Ashish "Ash" Bhatt, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Bhatt earned his medical doctorate (M.D.) from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) School of Medicine in the Dominican Republic and most recently worked as Chief Medical Officer for Elements Behavioral Health's Florida locations, where he implemented evidence-based modalities while overseeing all medical and clinical operations. Dr. Bhatt is board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology for child, adolescent and adult psychiatry.
Staff Highlight: 
Barbara Dunne


Barbara Dunne is the director of marketing at Sovereign Health Group, based at the company's headquarters in San Clemente, California. She is responsible for creating product literature, white papers, technical presentations and sales tools along with managing agency and vendor relationships. Barbara brings with her an extensive background in domestic and global corporate marketing campaigns, focusing on building pharmaceutical and medical device brands. She graduated with an MBA from the University of Wisconsin and earned an EMT-1A (Emergency Medical Technician) certification from Orange Coast College. Her career as a marketing director entailed positions at Phoenix Heart LLC and B. Dunne With It, as Barbara developed marketing strategies for online, traditional, internal and external avenues. She also worked as an account supervisor for companies such as DevicePharm, McCann Healthcare Worldwide and Allergan, among others. Barbara is excited to contribute to Sovereign Health Group. 

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