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The Pain of Addiction Opid Induced Tolerance & Hyperalgesia
Dr. Daniel Headrick, MD
General Practice,

Pain Management & Addiction Medicine

Dr. Daniel Headrick is Medical Director of Mission Pacific Coast Recovery, a partnership between the Pain Recovery Medical Group, Inc. - which he cofounded and serves as Chief Executive Officer - and Mission Hospital Laguna Beach. As Medical Director, Dr. Headrick oversees the treatment of more than 900 patients per year, and has treated more than 15,000 patients in his medical career. With a specialty in opiate-induced pain, he provides a very individualized approach, tailoring treatment strategies to each patient's unique situation.

Prior to opening Mission Pacific Coast Recovery, Dr. Headrick served as Medical Director of the Hoag Hospital Chemical Dependency Center for 11 years. He has also served as Medical Director of the Chemical Dependency Unit at Charter Hospital in Corona, California and the primary attending physician at the former Genesis Program at South Coast Medical Center. He also had a solo family practice for 15 years.

In the past, he has appeared as an addiction specialist on "The Keith Ablow Show" and an HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumble." In 2000, Dr. Headrick was voted "One of the Top 100 Most InfluentialPeople in Orange County," by The Daily Pilot.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a system of therapy originally developed by Marsha M. Linehan, of the University of Washington, to treat people with Borderline Personality Disorder. DBT combines standard cognitive-behavioral techniques for emotion regulation and reality-testing with concepts of distress tolerance, acceptance, and mindfulness awareness largely derived from Buddhist meditative practice. DBT has been found to be an extremely useful treatment for a variety of disorders, especially Borderline Personality Disorder.

Here at Sovereign Health we use this innovative therapy in order to better help our clients develop skills to improve their lives. Under the direction of Dr. Diana Cho, our Mental Health Director, the four DBT skill modules; Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness, are used to help our clients act in terms of emotion, using concepts like distraction and mindfulness to guide their reactions in everyday life.
Mental Health
What makes Sovereign Health's program so different from all the other dual diagnosis programs you might ask. Three simple words: Evidence, Perspective and Cognition. Here at Sovereign Health, we pride ourselves with a number of differences that make our program so special.

First and foremost, we believe that evidence is extremely important when it comes to the practice of therapy, and as such we base our clinical groups and techniques on true evidence-based concepts. With groups like CBT (or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Stress Management our groups all focus on a variety of different topics that are all firmly based on evidence.

Secondly our treatment model focuses not only on how the client feels while in treatment, but even how they will react and cope with returning to the home environments that they came from. In taking this perspective our treatment team helps clients learn important skills that will assist them in coping with the world outside of treatment from day one.

Finally Sovereign Health not only focuses on traditional models of treatment, like talk-therapy and counseling, but also uses a unique holistic cognitive approach to helping those in need.

We at Sovereign Health believe that Mental Illness can affect the brain and its ability to function as well, and helping restore that functioning is a priority for us. With features like Biofeedback and Cognitive Rehabilitation Sovereign Health seeks to use the latest innovations to help clients succeed. 


Psychiatrist Profile
Come and meet Dr. Donald E. Wallens, Sovereign Health's attending psychiatrist. Dr. Wallens received his M.D. from Cornell University, in New York, and has over 40 years experience in the medical field.

Dr. Wallens currently operates a private practice in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, is an attending staff member at a number of major Los Angeles Hospitals and is both an assistant professor and resident supervisor at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical center respectively. He is also a diplomat for the National Board of Medical Examiners and a member of the Southern California Psychiatric Society, American Psychiatric Association and the Los Angeles County Medical Association.

Dr. Wallens has a special interest in helping others manage and overcome psychiatric illness in Sovereign's Mental Health, Dual Diagnosis, and Eating disorder programs. 
Health Insurance in Treatment
Mental Health, Eating Disorder, and Addiction Treatment had been non-existent for thousands of people in the United States every year due to not having enough resources to pay for a program. Sovereign Health of California wanted to change the face of the utilization of health insurance in treatment and help more people reach the help they need and deserve. 

Sovereign has been diligent and motivated from the very beginning to create and continue increasing the amount of coverage that a patient receives for treatment. From the very first call, our admissions team will handle the verification of benefits and devise a plan of action to get the patient into treatment as quickly as possible. If the patient does not have the deductible or out of pocket expenses, we are willing to work with each person individually with the resources available to make it work. Patients at Sovereign are seeing an average of 30-45 covered days in treatment, with quite a few reaching 60 days, and a few even reaching 90 days.

Sovereign Health is Joint Commission Accredited and continues to build an excellent system of patient documentation to prove medical necessity for treatment. Sovereign is dedicated to excellent patient care and satisfaction.

We are proud to say "We Accept and Direct Bill Insurance".
Patient Testimonial

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Company Summary
Sovereign Health of California is one of the leading dual diagnosis, eating disorder, and mental health treatment centers in the country. We believe that all of these issues root from underlying psychological problems, and that without complex treatment, progress is not long-lived. We are located in beautiful Southern California, and are Joint Commission Accredited. We have an experienced, intelligent staff of licensed medical professionals and offer cutting edge, effective clinical treatments. Our goal is to help patients and families begin a long lasting recovery.

Corporate Address:
Sovereign Health of California
209 Avenida Fabricante
San Clemente, California 92672

Toll Free: (866) 819-2948
Front Desk: (949) 369-1300
Fax: (949) 276-5183

Email : info@sovcal.com
Website : www.sovcal.com

Admission Information
Admissions Process
At Sovereign Health of California, we utilize an experienced intake staff to facilitate entry into our program. The confidential intake process usually begins with a brief conversation to help determine whether we are a suitable match for a potential patient. The next step is to determine the level of care necessary. Finally, the information is passed on to our clinical staff, who are in charge of assessment and admission.

We invite you to call us at 866-819-2948 or email us at info@sovhealth.com

Sovereign Health of California specializes in providing holistic and evidence-based clinical treatment, focusing on the person as a whole.  We treat males and females for mental health, dual diagnoses, and eating disorders. A clinical model of healing the physical, mental, and emotional is used to treat our patients.