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September, 2013 - In This Issue:
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Rewiring The Brain One Step at a Time

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September is National Recovery Month
Sovereign Health Proudly Supports National Recovery Month
Each September, thousands of prevention, treatment, and recovery programs and services around the country celebrate their successes and share them with their neighbors, friends, and colleagues in an effort to educate the public about recovery, how it works, for whom, and why. There are millions of Americans whose lives have been transformed through recovery. These successes often go unnoticed by the broader population; therefore, Recovery Month provides a vehicle to celebrate these accomplishments.


The 2013 Recovery Month observance emphasizes the many ways that people can prevent behavioral health issues, seek treatment, and sustain recovery as part of a commitment to living a mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy life.

Sovereign Health deeply supports the message of National Recovery Month.  There is no question that mental health and substance abuse issues are some of the most serious issues facing the field of medicine in our times.  Sadly many people today still do not view these problems as truly dire conditions that need proper treatment and care.  Luckily, organizations like SAMHSA have been, and continue to promote awareness about mental health and substance issues.

Sovereign is especially happy that this year's Recovery Month focuses not only on treating these conditions, but the ways in which they can be prevented and recovery can be sustained.  While the treatment process is no doubt important, Sovereign Health believes that prevention can be one of the key factors in fighting off addictions and disorders.  By focusing on prevention, as a nation, we can not only stem the tide of substance use before it harms individuals, families and communities, but we can also stem the costly tide of treatment, therapy and use.  By catching onto use patterns, or early mental health issues before they become full-blown disorders, we can steer people towards the right help without hurting their jobs, loved ones or causing embarrassment.

To read more about National Recovery Month, click here

Meet Our Staff
Amanda Ferguson, Medical Liaison of the 
Brain Restoration Plus(BR+)  Program at Sovereign Health Group

Each month Sovereign Health puts one of its own staff in the spotlight to provide an in-depth look at the people who are dedicated to create and provide quality care for our clients and families.


In this month's newsletter we highlight a Q&A session with our Medical Liaison of our Brain Restoration Plus - NAD Therapy (BR+), Representative Amanda Ferguson.


1.  Amanda, you were brought on to run the Brain Restoration Plus - NAD Therapy (BR+) program here at Sovereign Health. Could you tell us a little bit about the program? How does it work? Who is it for?


Brain Restoration Plus (BR+) is a natural IV therapy that is made out of a substance called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), which is Co-Enzyme 1. It is used for detoxifying from drugs and alcohol because Read More >>

Alumni Spotlight
Angelo Shares His Story
Angelo shares his story about his mental health treatment at Sovereign health. He tells the audience how receiving treatment at Sovereign has taught him so much and is left feeling grateful and supported. 

In this narrative, Angelo shares how he was recommended for treatment at Sovereign.  He shares how uncomfortable he felt in the beginning of treatment and there was difficulty adjusting.  However, with the support of the people around him, including others he met going through treatment ,and the incredibly helpful staff, he found positivity and found that, "we're all trying to better ourselves."


The Different Paths to Addiction

Prescription Drug Research
We've all heard about the dangers of "street drugs" like cocaine and meth. Most of us are aware of the seriousness that using these drugs carry. However, the same stigma and immediate thought of danger should now also be applied to prescription drugs.  On our blog, we discuss a study from Brandies University showing that in fact, prescription drugs may be a dangerously new frontier of addiction. To read more about this new worrisome addiction follow our blog:
Addiction Treatment
With all the rapid developments in the field of behavioral health, it's often hard to keep up. On our blog this month, Sovereign features one of these exciting innovations in the field: Biofeedback. In short, Biofeedback is a process that monitors blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, muscle tension, and perspiration in real time and gives the individual has more information about what is happening inside his or her body, leadings towards a new and innovative treatment for addiction. 
To read more about Biofeedback and its impact on addiction treatment see our blog:  Read Full Article
Networking & Education
Join Sovereign Health with DIG to Bring you Recovery Coach Training 
SHG Has Partnered With DIG to Bring you Recovery Coach Training 



Each registration costs $999 for two days training certification, cost includes our 16 CEU's. However, there is extra $45 for each student if they wish/want printed training manual.



TRAINER:  Master Therapist, Cali Estes


1211 Puerta Del Sol, Suite 280

San Clemente, CA 92673



September 28th and 29th, 2013


Training Time:

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Please contact Alana Duschane at 949-246-3209 or for questions or RSVP's.
Orange County Daytime Free Networking Luncheon and C.E. Presentation
SHG Welcomes Dr. Stephanie Buehler, presenting on "Sexuality and Mental Health."
Date: Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
Time: 11:30am-1:30pm
1211 Puerta Del Sol

San Clemente, CA 92673


Please contact Alana Duschane at 949-246-3209 or for questions or RSVP's.
Los Angeles Daytime Free Networking Luncheon
Los Angeles Networking Event
(networking and luncheon only)
Jasmin Rogg  
Sovereign Health Culver City offers their Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health treatment programs. Come meet our Clinical Director, Jasmin Rogg, and the rest of the Culver City team.

Date: Thursday, October 10th, 2013
Time: 11:30am-1pm

6167 Bristol Parkway, Suite 100
Culver City, CA 90230

Please contact Alana Duschane at 949-246-3209 or for questions or RSVP's.
Who We Are & What We Do
Admissions Specialists Available 24/7
Sovereign Health Group offers treatment forDual Diagnosis, Mental Health, and Eating Disorders. We utilize a foundation of evidence based treatment modalities, 12 step support, and blend experiential therapies to create finely balanced treatment programs.
We have locations in San Clemente and Culver City. Sovereign Health is Joint Commission Accredited and Dually Licensed holding the highest standards for excellent patient care. We have a team of licensed clinical and medical professionals that provide cutting edge treatment and programming to our patients. SHG has a mission to rewire the brain one step at a time and create a foundation for a long lasting recovery. Visit Our Website Today
At Sovereign Health Group, we utilize experienced Admissions specialists 24 hours per day to facilitate entry into our programs. The admission process begins with a brief confidential telephone assessment to determine whether we are a suitable match and the projected program/level of care. We will review the financial and insurance options to help determine the most cost effective plan.
Call our Admission team at 866-819-2948 or email at
Live Chat operators available to answer questions via our website
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Utilizing Insurance
Cost Effective Treatment

Many sufferers of Addiction, Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health, and/or Eating Disorder conditions have been left untreated due to not having enough financial resources to cover a treatment program.  In the past, there were programs for those who qualified for county and/or government assistance and programs for those who were able to afford high end treatment. The question then arose, what about the middle, typically known as the working class?

Sovereign Health Group wanted to change the face of the utilization of private health insurance for behavioral health and addiction treatment and help more people reach the help they need and deserve.   SHG has been diligent and motivated from inception to create and continue increasing the amount of coverage a patient receives for treatment. From the very first call, our admissions team will handle the verification of benefits and devise a plan of action to get the patient into treatment as quickly as possible. We are willing to work with each person individually and devise the best plan.

 We are proud to say "We Accept and Direct Bill Insurance".

We accept most PPO and HMO insurances up front, call Admissions today to learn more, 866-819-2948.

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