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The Relationship Model of Addiction (TRMA)

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Sovereign Health Group presents this webinar about the Relationship Model of Addiction: A New Paradigm for Understanding Addiction and Recovery, presented by Daniel Linder. This new paradigm is one focusing entirely on the experiential, emotional and relationship aspects of addictions. His model takes the disease model and continues where it ends. When you call addiction a disease, this makes it primary, progressive and permanent, which implies it must be stabilized before anything else, it gets worse over time, and it is always present. The biggest issue he has with this model is that it looks solely on physiological and behavioral aspects. Although these are relevant and present, it is limiting because it does not address the emotional and relational aspects.

The relationship model tries to fill in the aspects that were ignored and missing from the disease model and redefines addiction to something that is a relationship with a means of relief of pain from unmet emotional needs. The cause of addiction is inadequate relationships that leave a residue of pain. The underlying driving force is the need to relieve this pain. The primary predisposing condition is a backlog of pain from unmet emotional needs. He discusses how this leads to addiction, especially based on the feeling you get when using a substance and the contrasting experience. The three stages of recovery include breaking up, working on the self and the relationship with the self, and creating emotionally nourishing relationships. Each stage has specific activities and they take time to undergo. He explains the various things you have to do in the various stages.

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