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Sovereign Health Releases Part 5 of The War on Behavioral Health Care: Not in My Backyard

San Clemente – The bitter struggle between neighbors who oppose addiction treatment homes in their neighborhoods and those who support the recovery patients is highlighted in Not in My Backyard, a new installment of the ground-breaking series “The War on Behavioral Health Care. The new segment launched today; it explores the underlying factors that drive communities’ NIMBYism (not in my backyard-ism) to recovery facilities, despite the need for care as the opioid crisis sweeps the country.

In addition to nervous neighbors who mistakenly believe that recovering patients are criminals, the NIMBY category comprises virulent hate groups motivated by money and political agendas; their greed also drives opposition to addiction treatment facilities. Ignorance is a factor across all groups.

The article details the aggressive and shocking behavior of neighbors who repeatedly launched violent assaults on a recovery home being prepared to receive patients. The attackers burst in, cursed at staff members and threatened to burn the house to the ground. They took down vehicle license plate numbers and let the shaken employees know they had done so. The ‘welcome’ to the neighborhood was a travesty, triggered by an ill-informed public ignorant of the fact that people with mental health and substance use issues are a protected class under the American with Disabilities and Fair Housing acts.

The idea that bringing addiction treatment centers into communities increases crime is flawed. Data has shown that having such facilities actually decreases fraud and identity theft crimes by nine percent, drug possession incidents by 10 percent, violent crime by 12 percent and property crimes by nearly 20 percent.

With the exploding U.S. drug epidemic, many small business owners have opened sober living and treatment facilitates. The sheer volume of these facilities and cases of poorly run centers have led to concerns about how such places are regulated. But attacking facilities such as Sovereign Health, which has a track record of excellent treatment and is highly accredited, doesn’t solve the problem – it exacerbates the crisis.

The opioid crisis is intensifying — death rates from suicide, drug overdoses and alcohol-related illnesses and accidents are spiking. The public, bombarded by media reports of unethical business practices, shady treatment center operations and police busts of crooked care providers, is pulling back at a time when vital services are most needed.

Seeking help for stigmatizing mental health and substance use illnesses takes courage, time and hard work, but people do it because they want to get well. They have families who love them and the desire to be successful and productive. People in residential treatment at Sovereign Health are fighting for their lives.

Last week’s installment, “The War on Behavioral Health Care Part 4. Distinguishing Quality from Fraud,” explored the nature of addiction treatment, the growing drumbeat for harsher law enforcement tactics to combat drug use, and strategies for avoiding fraudulent and exploitative business practices in addiction treatment center. The final installment in the series, Why Insurance Companies Refuse Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Care, will launch on Thursday, October 5.

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