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Sovereign Health Launches Third Installment of Groundbreaking, Six-Part Series on the War on Behavioral Health Care

San Clemente – Sovereign Health, a leading national behavioral health treatment system, has launched a groundbreaking editorial series, “The War on Behavioral Health Care.” This six-part series explores the barriers that prevent people from receiving life-saving treatment for mental illness and addiction. Confluences of social, financial, legal, and systemic factors stand between those desperate for help, fueling the addiction and mental health crises in America. At a time when Americans are dying in record numbers from suicide, drug overdose, and alcohol-related illness and accidents, psychiatric beds are unavailable or remain empty.

The third installment, “The War on Behavioral Health Care: Part 3. Double Standards Fuel Death Toll,” launches today and outlines why addiction treatment standards are lacking, despite scientific evidence and recommendations by expert consensus. Readers will discover the shocking truth behind why the rules for people who need addiction treatment and their providers are different than those for other types of health care and discrimination is not uncommon.

By the time most people realize that they are trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction, it is too late. At that point of time, they are usually forced to take some kind of action to address the problem. No person addicted to an illicit substance wants to be that way and most do not want to die. Helping people with an addiction is as difficult for professionals as it is for the family and friends of the affected, no matter how many resources the health care provider has at his or her disposal. Added to all this is the reality that people are dying from addiction because the current “system” prevents them from getting the help they need.

Double standards exist regarding how sick people and quality behavioral health care providers find one another. While some health care and hospital systems legally subsidize insurance premiums for individuals in need, doing so when it comes to addiction treatment is somehow viewed as a bad thing. While referral services for eldercare are widely used, the same types of services for addiction treatment are under siege.

Readers are invited to join an open discussion of the war on behavioral health care now available in the comments section following each installment.

Last week’s installment, “The War on Behavioral Health Care: Part 2. Financial Feuds,discussed how the current health care system prolongs human suffering and endangers lives by putting profits before people. Look for next week’s installment, “The War on Behavioral Health Care: Part 4. Quality vs. Fraud,” on Monday, September 4th.

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Sovereign Health’s mission is to provide a broad spectrum of high-quality behavioral health treatment services for adults and adolescents, including support services for family members. One factor that differentiates Sovereign from other treatment providers has been the company’s ability to offer separate mental health and addiction or dual diagnosis treatment programs at its facilities. For more information, visit

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