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Stop marketing snortable chocolate Coco Loko, it is an alternative to illegal street drugs, FDA tells manufacturer
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FDA denies snortable chocolate Coco Loko as In a bid to curb drug abuse and control rising addiction rates, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently warned Orlando-based Legal Lean to discontinue marketing snortable chocolate Coco Loko, saying it is an illegal alternative to street drugs which is endangering public health. The snortable chocolate powder […]

Gaining weight has made me happy, says UK blogger who battled eating disorders
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Since her childhood, 24-year-old blogger Danica Marjanovic of Belfast struggled with body dysmorphia and never felt comfortable with the way she looked. At that stage of her life, Marjanovic had reached a point where dieting to lose weight became her sole focus. The blogger didn’t realize she was entering a dangerous territory, where she would […]

Baja California girl hospitalized after consuming meth-laced soft drink
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Within hours of lifting a ban on the consumption of 7Up in Mexico’s Baja California, a 16-year-old girl ended up in a Mexicali hospital when she reported ill after drinking Manzanita Sol, which she had purchased from her neighborhood convenience store. According to media reports, the girl sensed a strange flavor and immediately fell sick. […]

How an Australian became ecstasy manufacturer
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While many might envy Steven Spaliviero’s flamboyant lifestyle – comprising expensive cars, glamorous women and sailing on yachts – only a few would know that the handsome Australian mastered the craft of making ecstasy behind the bars. Locked up in a prison cell in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Spaliviero learnt how to cook huge quantities […]

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards admits using heroin
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Best known for starring in MTV reality show “Teen Mom OG (TMOG),” Ryan Edwards is in the news again. The reality show star is known to have struggled with substance abuse in the past for which he was enrolled in a rehab, but many fans are unaware of his drug of choice. In the latest […]

Is Medicaid the new moneymaker for insurers in California?

Medicaid, viewed as a source of health coverage for millions of Americans from low-income backgrounds, seems to be the new money-spinner for insurers in California. With big names in the trade using the taxpayer-funded program to make billions, there is a growing perception of insurers being enriched by the poor. A recent analysis of state […]

Sleep disorders common in people with schizophrenia, says study
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It’s just over 1 percent of adults in the United States who live with schizophrenia, but its adverse impact on patients and society can be multifold. Besides suffering from chronic cognitive impairments, patients of schizophrenia usually struggle with sleep disorders, especially those in the prodromal phase of the condition. According to recent studies, sleep-related impairments, […]

Human Rights Day: Torture in US prisons leaves inmates mentally ill
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“Remove that damned tongue ring,” yelled a hefty prison officer, holding his Taser at 20-year-old Whitney Wakefield’s (name changed) head. Standing in a women’s cell of the California State Prison in Lancaster, Los Angeles County, Wakefield was ordered to disrobe completely, remove all jewelry and change to prison uniform. “I will tase you,” shouted the […]

Cocaine death rates among African-Americans same as that of opioid deaths among whites, finds study
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Cocaine overdoses killed African-Americans at almost the same rates at which heroin and prescription opioids claimed non-Hispanic white American lives, according to a recent study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine in December 2017. While efforts are being undertaken to deal with the soaring rates of heroin and opioid overdoses among white Americans, […]

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More than 100 drug addiction treatment rehabs and providers across California have sent a signed letter to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, drawing his attention toward the ambiguous practices of health insurance giant Centene, according to the Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition (ATAC). The addiction treatment facilities want to alert Schneiderman about the dangerous outcomes […]