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Memoirs of a Survivor from Anorexia and Bulimia

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Lisa begins the webinar through detailing her own history and journey with an eating disorder. Because of her own experience, she has become a therapist that provides that type of support for all of her clients. She never turns anyone away and always stays with them, forming an unconditional bond with them from the beginning. She knows how important it is to let the individual know that someone is there for them, no matter what. She also teaches her clients that they are not their disease, that their behavior is what needs to change, and it can be changed.

The recovery process should include a place to go over the emotions and problems with the individuals to help them overcome their emotional problems that lead to the eating disorder. Eating disorder treatment is not all about the food, unlike most people think when they enter treatment. Education is a huge part of the treatment process. She discusses all the important factors therapists, individuals and families need to remember about treatment for eating disorders. She also gives hints to therapists for how to help patients through their eating disorder, even if it does not seem like they are helping. She provides coping techniques, like writing, music, calling friends, and others. It is important to remember eating disorders is not about the weight, it is about control.

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