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The Hidden Root(s) Of Somatized Trauma

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Sue Hannibal has been working in the healthcare field for the past fourteen years, and her experience entails EFT training and certification, Advanced Integrative Therapy, Tapas Acupuncture Technique and teacher, and Reiki Master. In addition, she is working towards completion of a Master’s Degree in Integrative Health. She is considered a Medical Intuitive Healer and Stress Management Coach with a private practice (internationally) doing intuitive assessment profiles, corporate intuitive consulting, and facilitating client self-treatment using research-based energy psychology techniques. She specializes in symptoms related to trauma, dissociation, childhood abuse issues, anxiety/panic, phobias, and combating stress. Sue has been honored multiple times for her writing abilities with prestigious awards and is working towards publication of her second book, “Emotional Detox: True Stories of Ordinary People Who Found Extraordinary Healing.”

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