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05-09-13 Category: News and Announcements

In an exciting “win” over what can sometimes be called a “technological jungle,” or the Internet, Sovereign Health Group is proud to announce that is has just acquired a new and more fitting URL for its popular Facebook page.

In this exciting move, Sovereign Health Group has acquired the URL:, as a much more fitting link for its page. This move represents not only a technical change for Sovereign Health, but a change of broader goals and perspective.  While Sovereign Health was formerly known as Sovereign Health of California, its new name Sovereign Health Group, and Facebook URL to boot, shows a company looking beyond its physical borders in California.

With this new conceptual redesign, Sovereign Health Group is trying to stretch the notion of its individualized and tailored treatment, from a model designed to primarily help its community, to one focused on providing quality behavioral health services and ideas to a national audience.


New Facebook URL

The new Facebook URL is designed to help Sovereign in broadening its mission, as well as making its page more easily accessible and searchable to the public.  This new URL is also a hallmark of one of Sovereign’s other important aspects; paying attention to the details. While many of those searching for Sovereign would no doubt miss the URL difference, letting our contacts and the public know about this difference just illustrates that details are important. Whether in regards to client care, referent relationships, or other manners of business in this field of behavioral health, Sovereign Health Group feels that often the small details are the things that make the real difference.

As this new Facebook URL illustrates, Sovereign hopes to open a new and broader chapter in its practice and we hope that you can share in our excitement about both our Facebook “makeover” and our new, expanded mission.

Blog Post By: Marissa Maldonado


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