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O.C. doctors accused of shelling out non-Rx opioids

Next week, Feb. 1-2, 2017, one of two doctors in Orange County accused of illegally prescribing opioids for nonmedical purposes will face pretrial hearings that could end with his medical license being revoked.

The doctors’ practices were subject to unrelated undercover investigations between 2013 and 2015. The indictments were filed this past December.

What the sting ops uncovered

According to the reports released by the Medical Board of California:

  • Mark Anthony Wimbley, M.D., sold painkiller prescriptions to unexamined patients in exchange for cash.
  • Wimbley “advised two other patients, who also received opiates, on how to avoid suspicion when filling prescriptions at the pharmacy.”
  • Wimbley met with no less than 20 patients in person and prescribed opioids without examination.
  • Jeffrey Dove Olsen, M.D., illegitimately prescribed an undercover individual opiates out of a dental office.
  • Olsen prescribed addictive drugs, including opiates according to the investigation, to two sources during a joint appointment – the friends said they shared the medication.

Dr. Olsen of Newport Beach and Dr. Wimbley of Irvine both face loss of licensure.

Doctors shopping for Rx addicts

In looking for the cause of the opioid epidemic, most of those concerned blame black market dealers. The stigma also lies largely upon the culpability of “big pharma” and those with opioid dependency who doctor-shop or misappropriate others’ prescriptions.

However, it is also true that there are some doctors who look to profit off the mushroom-cloud demand, doing a disservice to physicians that genuinely look to help legitimate patients with chronic pain experiences.

Sovereign Health treats those who have developed a dependence on prescription drugs – through either recreational use or what began as an authentic treatment regimen for medical issues. We provide cognitive and alternative therapies to rehabilitate and provide tools patients can fall back on to withstand the anvil of addiction relapse and the temptation of doctors who may seek to retain the business of the dependent.

About the author

Kristin Currin-Sheehan is a Sovereign Health writer and her intriguing storytelling has been featured with Sovereign Health, KPBS TV/FM, FOX5 News in San Diego and NPR. Her illustrative and relatable approach to digital and broadcast news bridges businesses and consumers, news and community. For more information and other inquiries about this media, contact the author at news@sovhealth.com.

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