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02-21-13 Category: News and Announcements

San Clemente, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

Sovereign Health Group has officially launched its newest educational track program, Sovereign Academy! Sovereign Academy is a new and exciting aspect to Sovereign Health Group’s umbrella of health care.

Sovereign Academy is designed to provide a valuable academic service and support to those who need an extra academic boost in recovery. In the program, participants from both inside and outside of Sovereign’s main treatment program are able to advance their educational aspirations by attending a variety of different academic programs. Through this program, patients are able to enter one of four programs to develop their education while still seeking the treatment and recovery they need.

Sovereign Academy offers four educational tracks to clients who have already completed at least 30 days of prior treatment:

1. UCI (University of California, Irvine) enrollment
2. CAADAC (Drug & Alcohol Counseling Course Work) certification
3. GED (General Education Diploma)
4. High School Diploma

Extended Care Program

In the University of California, Irvine program, clients can take advantage of over 5,000 UCI undergraduate and graduate courses without formal admission to the university. Students will enroll in Access UCI, administered through UC Irvine Extension, with up to 2 classes per semester. These courses carry university credit, may count toward a degree, and are taught by distinguished faculty from the University of California system.

For the CAADAC program, clients will learn more about the skills needed to become a drug and alcohol counselor. The program includes an educational and practicum component, allowing students to get an academic understanding of what it means to counsel those with addiction and then put that understanding to use in the field. This introduction will plot a course for the student, providing direction so that he or she can proceed towards a CAADAC certification.

In the High School Diploma and GED tracks, students will take courses towards attaining their High School Diploma or GED regardless of their state of origin. Students will study their way towards an exam for these awards under the guidance of Sovereign academic counselors.

Throughout the entire program, regardless of track, clients will have access to a variety of features including housing, food and transportation, personalized Case Management including transcript evaluation, course scheduling and academic monitoring and support, administration of the Career Assessment Inventory and career guidance, daily Group Therapy Sessions, 12-step meetings and Medication Management, among others. Sovereign academic counselors are available to help clients every step of the way in order to ensure that they are both academically successful and successful in their recovery.

As a consistent innovator in the field of mental health and recovery, Sovereign Health is proud of its new Sovereign Academy that provides much needed academic assistance for its clients. We hope that you can share in the excitement with us for this new and groundbreaking program.

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Located in the beach community of San Clemente, California, Sovereign Health offers licensed and accomplished practitioners, providing treatment of concurrent behavioral health issues with evidence-based, innovative and cutting edge programs in both outpatient and optional sober living residence. Sovereign Health has two locations in California, San Clemente and Culver City. We offer all levels of care from residential, transitional living, and outpatient. We are no longer going by Sovereign Health of California, but Sovereign Health Group as we have expanded.

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