National Recovery Month supports addiction, mental health awareness during September
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10-20-12 Category: Mental Health


The dictionary defines recovery as “the regaining of, or possibility of regaining something lost or taken away.”

For those struggling with an addiction or a mental health issue, there is a lot that has been lost and/or taken away. Addiction and disorder can destroy relationships with friends and family, take away a person’s ability to work and function normally, destroy their health and well being and may take away their ability to control themselves. Both addiction and mental health disorders work against a person to break them down mentally, physically and emotionally.

No one can really understand the horrors and frustrations of addiction or mental health disorders unless they have struggled with it themselves or seen it take down someone they love. In an effort to combat the devastating effects of these issues and raise awareness about the possibility of recovery and treatment, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration sponsors National recovery Month every September. This month is meant to raise national awareness about recovery, prevention and successful treatment.

This year’s theme “Join the Voices of Recovery: Speak Up, Reach Out” seeks to encourage those who have struggled or are struggling with addiction and mental health to openly speak about these trials along with the reality of recovery. At the same time, it provides people with the tools to recognize behavioral health issues and find help for them. This positive message that behavioral health is vital to overall health works to actively combat the stigma attached to addiction and mental health disorders which shames victims and often silences them, preventing them from seeking and receiving the proper treatment they need.

Hospitals and other recovery programs are placed all over the country to help you regain a happy and healthy life that may have been taken over by addiction and/or a mental health disorder. Professional help at a residential treatment program will often provide the best chance of recovery. Residential programs provide support, multiple forms of therapy and teach patients the skills needed to combat the triggers and stressors that may cause them trouble back in day-to-day life.

Part of the effort to combat addiction is actually the need for prevention. It is important to educate adolescents and teens about the dangers of substance abuse and the signs of a mental health disorder so they know when and how to get help before a problem should arise. Ultimately, it is education rather than fear or a complete lack of discussion about these issues that can help adolescents and teens make well-informed decisions to turn away from drugs or alcohol and being proactive about their mental health.

It is good to know that recovery is possible and those who struggle are not alone.

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