National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week
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05-08-13 Category: Mental Health

May 5-11, 2013 is National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week!

Anxiety and depression are mental illnesses that take over the lives of their sufferers.

As a part of Mental Health Awareness Month each May, the focus on anxiety and depression this week aims at raising the awareness and understanding of mental health and the impact of a diagnosable set of symptoms.

Fundamentally depression is said to be an inability to stop worrying or grieving over the past, while anxiety is the inability to stop worrying and catastrophizing about the future. We all go through times of both, which is normal and can be helpful in making decisions, but the truth of those living with clinically-diagnosable chronic mental illnesses is that everyday functioning is nearly impossible.

The idea behind a month with specific weeks devoted to awareness is to inform people who have not been directly exposed to a mental illness themselves. A boss who does not understand an employee’s behavior or needs can become a little more knowledgeable about what the individual is experiencing. The sibling of a depressed person can gain a little more insight into what is happening when communication is not working. A daughter can better understand why her mother has been unable to take care of either of them.

Wellness Is Essential

Wellness is of the utmost importance. Caring for your own mind, body, and soul allows you to help others who are working toward the path to wellness.

Various activities and events are being held to raise recognition for anxiety and depression, and information is readily available for those seeking mental illness education.

What can you do to share information, help someone you know who is affected by anxiety of depression, or simply raise awareness this week?

Together, we can all take part in National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week in some way and help those currently stuck in the debilitating cycle of mental illness.

Learn more about dealing with anxiety by watching this helpful video:

Blog post by: Marissa Maldonado

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