N.A.B. Endorses Mental Health Treatment
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06-07-13 Category: Mental Health

President Obama salutes the National Association of Broadcasters (the NAB) who announced their mental health campaign.

The NAB wants to use their media power to help bring attention to the much-needed help surrounding mental health treatment. Less than half of people with a mental illness have access to and receive appropriate help. This is definitely a problem.

Mental illness is progressive, like diabetes, cancer, drug and alcohol addiction, and Alzheimer’s Disease. All of these will get worse when left untreated.

The President said, “We wouldn’t accept it if only 40 percent of Americans with cancer got treatment. We wouldn’t accept it if only half of young people with diabetes got help. Then why should we accept it when it comes to mental health?”

A great question, Mr. Obama!

The NAB’s public service announcement campaign to advocate for mental health may help shift the way our country views mental health, illness, and treatment overall.

Gordon Smith, the president of the NAB has a special connection to the issue. He lost a son to suicide linked to suffering from an untreated mental illness. Smith has been trying to do his part to lower the stigma that surrounds mental illness so that people like his son feel comfortable speaking up and asking for help.

The PSAs are being produced right now and should be aired later this summer!

What is your experience with mental illness?

Are you taking care of your own mental health everyday? Do you think The National Association of Broadcasters’ PSAs can change the way our population views mental illness and mental health?

It’s definitely a positive step that will hopefully influence a wide audience.

If put in charge of the PSA campaign, how would you approach spreading the NAB’s message and fighting the stigma?

What points would you want to include, and what facts or personal stories would you find most helpful to assist the understanding for people who have not been directly exposed to mental illness?

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Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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