Mental Health In America [INFOGRAPHIC]
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07-17-13 Category: Mental Health

Mental Health In America

Mental Health in America though controversial at times, is often left on the back burner when discussing the most important issues in the United States. It seems as though people separate mental health from healthcare area altogether. It sometimes takes something devastating to occur to spark the continuing debate of the availability of mental health care and affordable health care at that.

One in three Americans suffer from a mental disorder in any given year, which translates to roughly 75 million people. This is a huge number of people including their families that have to struggle with these difficult issues each day and who also never seek help.

Whether someone is suffering from anxiety disorder, mood disorder, impulse-control disorder or substance abuse, it is important to get help because they can get better, in fact 90% of people that receive treatment recover. This infographic provides facts and statistics about mental health in America, contact Sovereign Health if you have more questions and want to take a step towards healing.

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