John Alessio Opens Up About Depression
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06-28-13 Category: Mental Health

In the world of wrestling, performance is everything. If you are a contracted fighter, you better win.

The business is cut-throat, and you may quickly find yourself without a job.

Former UFC turned MMA fighter, John Alessio, knows that firsthand. He reached a certain level of competition in the UFC arena, but then lost a couple matches and was cut from the UFC.

John was deeply affected by this decision. He thought there was still a chance for him to compete at the highest UFC level with a shot at the title. Instead of working toward a goal, John was now unemployed.

Depression took over, and John Alessio was struggling to answer the question, “Where is my career going now?” He was getting up toward the higher age bracket, he was experiencing physical pain, and again, he found himself without a paying job for the first time in a while.

What was John going to do?

The symptoms of depression kept John from seeing other options. Hopelessness, sadness, fatigue, decreased energy, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, irritability, and anger impaired John’s life.

It took him some time, he said, as he opened up about his battle with depression. He changed gyms, which can be a big deal for a fighter. John also changed the way he ate and the way he took care of his body. He gradually made enough changes that the motivation to achieve his career goals returned.

Bellator then offered John a job.

A new start

A new chapter in the life of a fighter who could have fully succumb to the debilitating depression that keeps millions of people from living the life they want.

John has a scheduled fight, and has opened an athletic clothing store in Las Vegas called The Sweat Store.

John Alessio experienced depression and is not afraid to discuss it.

If you are struggling with the symptoms of depression too, seek help stepping into the ring and facing it head on!

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Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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