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07-28-14 Category: Mental Health


Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are offered by many employers of large companies to serve employees by addressing problems that are affecting their productivity and job performance. EAPs offer counseling, recommendations and confidential assessments to employees, and their families, who are experiencing problems in their life which they can’t cope with on their own. These problems could be personal or work related, but when they affect the person’s ability to communicate and carry out their responsibility in the work place, a supervisor may refer him or her to participate in EAPs.

EAP services are growing, and they are more successful than ever before. Employers are seeing that the new generations of workers don’t have the stigma of mental health programs that previous generations of workers had. The new generation brings with them an openness to approach mental health facilities as a way of improving themselves, their relationships at work and at home, and increasing their chances of being promoted.

Studies show that approximately 20 percent of employees are troubled by mental and emotional problems or substance abuse by either themselves or someone in their family. Employees who are continuously under the stress of dealing with these problems are less productive and absent a lot more than healthy workers. The loss in productivity can cost a company millions of dollars every year.

How EAPs Can Help You

Employers recognize that it is to their advantage, as well as to the families and communities to which their employees belong, to invest in EAP services. By offering EAP, early detection and intervention is possible and allows for a reduction in the cost of mental health treatment and any other treatment that may be required. In the end, problems can be prevented, and employers can maintain a high morale and productivity rate among employees. Having healthy workers will result in an overall increase in productivity and profits.

You might just have a small problem, but on your own, it feels impossible to deal with and eats away at your ability to concentrate. EAPs are like a hand reaching out to you. The programs they have available will give you the extra confidence and strength you need to handle your problem. Here is a look at some of the different issues for which EAPs provide support or a referral:


  • Major events in your life, such as birth, divorce, death or an accident
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Worrying about a family member abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Chronic illness
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Work-related stress due to pressure or abuse
  • Work-related injury
  • Family and relationship-related stress
  • Weight loss and improving health
  • Eating disorders
  • Concerns about childcare and caring for aging parents
  • Financial concerns
  • Legal concerns
  • Special needs, such as for veterans

For example, if you have a child whom you think is trying out drugs, it will be difficult to concentrate on anything let alone work a regular eight hour day. You may not know where to turn or how to deal with your child. Requesting help from the EAP program offered by your company can be a refuge and a starting place to bring your child around.

EAPs Provide Complete Privacy

Mental health rehabilitation and substance abuse therapy require the individual to feel safe and trust the specialist and counselors who are treating them. This is because the problems generally include many aspects of a person’s life, and in order to recover, each issue needs to be dealt with. Often times, family members need to be involved, and to be able to let everyone concerned have the freedom to express themselves and begin to heal, confidentially is vital. EAPs follow the laws of confidentiality and safety just as any mental health facility in California does.

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