Anesthetic Effective In Reducing Depression?
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06-25-13 Category: Mental Health

If you have ever felt depressed, or have been diagnosed with depression, then you know just how debilitating the symptoms can be.

Researchers continue to look for new ways to treat this mental illness, and the Mayo Clinic is usually leading the way. According to a report on the Mayo Clinic’s website (that was later removed), an anesthetic, usually used during surgery and other treatment of localized pain, may also be effective in treating clinical depression. reports that the Mayo study gave Ketamine to ten patients twice a week until either the symptoms of depression subsided, or until the patient had four treatments, whichever came first.


Symptoms of depression generally include feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness. People diagnosed report irritability and frustration, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, fatigue, and changes in sleeping and eating patterns.

The drug, Ketamine, is controversial though. It was created and used as a human and animal anesthetic, but has since been abused as a party drug. The substance has an hallucinogenic property to it, so many people use it in large doses to trip, like when using LSD.

If people come in for depression treatment and end up having an hallucinogenic experience, then is that really helpful? With proper dosing though, and monitored care, can Ketamine as an anesthetic be effective in reducing depression?

Study’s Report

The study’s report is published in the Journal of Psycho-pharmacology stating that half of the participants (so five people) were “pretty much free of symptoms after treatment.” The term remission is used to explain the condition of the patients after treatment, and to describe the condition of two of the patients a month after treatment ended.

Overall, if Ketamine works to reduce depression, the Mayo Clinic reports that a nasal spray version of the drug would eliminate some of the side effects (i.e. hallucination possibility or anxiety) and limit the user’s ability to abuse the drug.

Ketamine for depression? Quite possibly!

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Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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