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10-10-12 Category: Mental Health

The Brain Wellness Program is the latest innovative program being offered by the Sovereign Health Group. Brain Wellness incorporates a healthy diet, proper sleep, stress management and individual and group cognitive rehabilitation into an overall interdisciplinary treatment offering.

Overall brain wellness and arming patients to fight cognitive deficits are the primary goals of the Brain Wellness Program. The program combines the expertise of Sovereign Health of California’s practitioners with state of the art technology for a truly ground breaking treatment program. Cognitive decline is a normal part of the aging process; however notable memory lapses or drastic declines in cognitive function can be treated with the customizable program created for daily life. The Brain Wellness program has been a beacon of hope for those who have suffered cognitive decencies due to substance abuse or mental health problems.

Brain Wellness

Dual diagnosis treatment, mental health and eating disorder treatments are all integrated with the Brain Wellness Program a hallmark of their premiere treatment center. A test of cognitive function provides a quantitative number than can measure progress throughout time. The CogTest can also help highlight necessary medication or psychotherapy regiments. Neurobic, a web based tool is used to help treat the patient with their variety of brain-enriching games that are free for the public to try as well.

Mental illness, eating disorders and substance abuse treatments have all benefited from the Brain Wellness Program. The Brain Wellness Program has been a great tool in helping those dealing with cognitive rehabilitation, and is opened to anyone who has been experiencing a decline in overall mental capacities.

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