Bradley Cooper Becomes Advocate For Mental Health Treatment
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10-20-12 Category: Mental Health

Did you watch Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence? No spoiler alert needed, but I ask because Bradley Cooper has become an advocate for mental health treatment after starring in that movie.

Bradley’s character, Pat, suffers from bipolar disorder. He spends several years (not fully defined in the film) in a psychiatric facility after he finds his wife with another man.

Pat is trying to make his life better so that his estranged ex-wife, Nikki, will want to come back to him. Through various triggers, it becomes clear to the audience that his mental illness must have played a role in the decline of his marriage. Bradley Cooper did a great job bringing Pat to life.

Psychologists Weigh In

Well-known psychologist, Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, agrees and feels that the portrayal of someone with bipolar disorder is accurate. As she told Hello! Magazine, “If you think about it, a mental illness is a distorted perception of reality. So if you’re depressed, reality looks darker, if you’re anxious it looks scarier, if you have OCD you perhaps feel more in control than you really are. So by virtue of that distortion, the way you can understand your condition, its impact on you and those around you, is very rarely going to be particularly clear.”

Bradley Cooper has taken his work on this film seriously as he becomes an advocate for mental health treatment. He recently attended the National Conference on Mental Health held at The White House.

The goal is to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness in our country, and to find better ways to offer mental health treatment to those who most need it. Education, prevention, insurance coverage, substance abuse connection, and intervention were among the topics discussed, and where hopefully progress can be made.

As celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Glenn Close advocate for mental health treatment, more attention is drawn to the issue, and more people can too become involved to change the way mental health is viewed and treated.

Watch this video about one on of the many treatment success stories at Sovereign Health:

Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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