Book Spotlight - Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life
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10-20-12 Category: Mental Health

haldol-and-hyacinthsAuthor, lawyer, and social activist Melody Moezzi chronicles the challenges of living life in the area between insanity and gifted talent.  At 18, Moezzi  began struggling with medical issues, resulting in the eventual removal of her pancreas.  She marvels at how many people in her life rallied around and supported her, visiting her in the hospital and flooding her room with flowers.  Yet years later when she was hospitalized once again, this time due to a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder, not only were there no visits or flowers, people were reluctant to call or visit her.

Offering both cultural and clinical observations, Moezzi shares her varied interactions with the Mental Health Care System.  Like many others living with mental illness, Moezzi spent years shuffling from doctor to doctor, facing repeated misdiagnoses, as bipolar disorder is one of the most difficult mental disorders to diagnose with certainty due to its chaotic nature. . Moezzi’s experiences come off as both insightful  and educational, illustrating the stigma she faced from her family, the Iranian culture, society, and her own personal ideals of what she should and shouldn’t be. Refusing to be ashamed, Moezzi is now an outspoken advocate for mental illness awareness and education.

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