Ashley Judd Depression Connected To Bi-Polar
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04-26-13 Category: Mental Health

Ashley Judd says that depression and bipolar disorder have disrupted many aspects of her life, but she has still reached success as an actress, and is now seeking a career in politics.

Ashley says that her difficult childhood of abuse, loneliness, and a lack of security have made her “absolutely certifiably crazy.” Millions of people feel the same way, but do not know why. Ashley felt like her diagnosis allowed everything to make sense for the first time.

While she knew depression was very real part of her life from an early age, it was the bipolar diagnosis that explained her need for treatment. In 2006, Ashley was visiting her sister, Wynona, in rehab and when recommended to check-in herself, Ashley did just that.

Sound Familiar?

Can you relate to Ashley Judd’s story, and sense of confusion over what you experience emotionally everyday? Have you suffered from depression in the past, but feel that there is something else at play that affects your thoughts, your moods, and your behaviors?

An assessment of your experiences can help you figure out an applicable diagnosis, or dual diagnoses, as in Ashley Judd’s case, so that you know what you’re working with and enduring. From there, you can seek treatment and learn how to cope with your symptoms and mental illnesses.

Bipolar disorder causes uncontrollable episodes of mania (elevated levels of energy) and episodes of depression. A combination of medications and psychotherapeutic strategies work best in treating the disorder, and managing its symptoms.

When left untreated, depression, bipolar disorder, and all other mental illnesses will progressively get worse, and you will experience negative life consequences.

Ashley Judd made a healthy decision for herself by participating in formal treatment. You can do the same for yourself. Regain the life you want, and give yourself a chance at a healthy future!

Blog post by: Marissa Maldonado

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