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12-05-12 Category: Mental Health

Brianna has been to series of painful events in the past and was referred to Sovereign Health of California by another treatment center. She talks about her behavioral health issues and how she got them under control by going through therapy sessions, groups and through counseling. She explains in detail her experience with Sovereign Health. She found it very useful when she started applying those real life tools that she learned during her treatment. Brianna sits down for an interview and explains about how she learned about Sovereign Health, her experiences getting mental health treatment and what her favorite group therapy.

How Did You Hear About The Program?

Well I hit rock bottom. I had been through a series of painful events. And I asked my parents if I could go to a treatment program and they were refereed to Sovereign by a treatment center called Women in Recovery, and
that’s how we found out about the program.

How has your experience been in Sovereign Health?

When I first got to Sovereign I had a lot of behavioral problems and I acted out emotionally. Through going to the groups and meeting with my therapists and the counseling that was provided, I can safely say that today some of those behaviorial issues have gotten under control.

What were some of your favorite groups?

I really enjoyed the symptom management group, it has helped me to identify my symptoms and disengage and descalate, and be mindful of certain situations. I also enjoyed the stages of change group, because it helps you prepare for change. All the counselors and therapists there do an amazing job.

Mental Health Treatment

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