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San Clemente Levels of Care/Insurance

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To maintain customization of treatment, Sovereign Health of San Clemente operates within four levels of care which include:

  • Detoxification
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient

Patients can step down through several levels of care over the course of their individual treatment.

Detoxification (DTX)

Detoxification programs relieve the body of alcohol and drugs while supporting withdrawal symptoms from substances abused.

Sovereign Health of San Clemente supports a drug detox setting that is:

  • Medically supervised
  • Residential
  • Nonmedical

It’s a secure hub for 24-hour medication monitoring, observation and support, all while nestled in our accommodating environment.

Social detoxification allows room for people who would appreciate participation in the daily residential activities of treatment. It’s the most relaxed, nonmedical alternative to inpatient detoxification.

Residential treatment (RTC)

Residential treatment programs are the most successful type of treatment to offer comfortable customization for each patient’s treatment necessities. Sovereign’s San Clemente drug rehab employs a nonhospital-based interdisciplinary service at the patient’s disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in residential houses particular to those with either addiction or co-occurring chronic pain, eating or other mental disorder and substance abuse issues.

The retreat-like group atmosphere promotes a communally supportive comradery that sets Sovereign Health apart from other drug rehabs in San Clemente.

Partial hospitalization (PHP)

The partial hospitalization program delivers therapeutic clinical and medically comprehensive services.

PHP allows patients with escalated symptoms, interpersonal or internalized behavioral issues to receive care during the day and return to their home or sober living house at night. The undivided attention for a PHP patient sets both that person and residential patients up for success by avoiding risky health or behavioral outcomes.

Sovereign Health of San Clemente’s PHP offers this type of treatment as a step down from residential treatment.

Intensive outpatient (IOP)

Sovereign Health’s IOP involves a series of outpatient sessions individualized to the patient. This allows patients to attend therapy and/or other group services while living in their own residence and/or maintaining their job.

IOP is a phase down from PHP, detoxification or RTC, after the patient has demonstrated medical supervision is no longer necessary.


Sovereign Health makes treatment accessible to all walks of life by accepting most major insurance plans. Our staff streamline the paperwork to make sure that patients and families can focus on recovery.

We also offer private payment options and financing through our partnership with My Treatment Lender.

To learn more about our programs or more about your financial options, please contact our 24/7 helpline.

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