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Starting over in peaceful San Clemente


A simple question: Have you had enough?

Maybe you had enough during that night a few weeks back when things might’ve gone a little too far. Or maybe it was the hangover this morning – any morning, really – that convinced you that enough was enough. Perhaps the sensation that everything worthwhile – friends, family, career, interests – are at last drawing away from you is the sign that something has to change.

Addiction is a disease. It’s not a character flaw, it’s not an excuse and it doesn’t stop with attacking the health. Left untreated, addiction tends to end with either incarceration or death.
Treating addition on your own is a mistake. Addiction is a powerful disease that is best dealt with in a safe, clinical environment, with a regimen of therapy and medicine to deliver you from addiction’s grasp and get your life back. Sovereign Health is a formidable leader in the field of addiction treatment, and our San Clemente, California facility can be where you finally start over.

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  1. The Sovereign Health Group is a leading provider of mental health and substance abuse care
  2. We specialize in treating co-occurring conditions
  3. We offer a wide variety of treatment options and accept most insurance

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Recovery by the sea

“Besides, people love the beautiful things.” – Ole Hanson, founder of San Clemente

Built in the 1920s as a planned community in the style of a Spanish Village, San Clemente gets 342 days of sunshine a year. This small resort city has a gentle, Mediterranean climate where clean air and ocean breezes provide a relaxing, calm environment for recovery and a new beginning. Our flagship facility in San Clemente focuses on rehabilitation in a friendly atmosphere. All of Sovereign Health’s primary treatment programs are offered in San Clemente, as well as effective continuing care and supplementary programs.

As a leader in taking a comprehensive approach towards treatment and rehabilitation, Sovereign Health focuses on identifying the underlying co-occurring conditions that often drive addiction before designing a treatment program specific to the patient’s needs. Our San Clemente rehab location offers a down-to-earth clinical treatment program that uses scientific, effective treatment methods: effective counseling, cognitive therapy and detoxification in a safe, medically-monitored environment.

We offer a range of treatment settings, from residential houses to partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) offered in both the days and evenings, to ensure that everyone can receive the life-saving treatment they need regardless of schedule, other life obligations and price. Telehealth is available, called eTherapy, which enables patients to have secure, one-on-one therapy online.

Our San Clemente drug rehab also provide a range of alternative therapies along with therapy: art, equine therapy and yoga. We even include gym programs in our therapy, because tending the body is every bit as important as healing the mind. All of these make up our comprehensive recovery program in a serene and beautiful setting. When ready for discharge, eTherapy is available. A person can go online and meet face-to-face with a therapist from their own home.

The city of San Clemente is a bedroom community by the beach. It’s located an easy distance from four major airports, and easily accessible by car from San Diego, Orange County and greater Los Angeles. San Clemente is a culturally diverse, unpretentious place that welcomes everybody. This small resort city of about 65,000 residents is situated on hills above the Pacific Ocean, with beaches located only a short drive from most neighborhoods. Our San Clemente rehab facility’s treatment houses are located here, as well as in other coastal towns like Dana Point and historic San Juan Capistrano. Many of our clients choose to live in these houses for the additional benefits supervised recovery brings. Our houses are located throughout the area and feature fully furnished, comfortable living conditions. We recognize that before a patient reenters life newly sober, they must learn to navigate daily life. Our San Clemente drug rehab treatment houses provide an excellent chance for patients to practice their reintegration into society with others who are going through the same life change.

We understand that starting treatment can be intimidating, that it requires putting someone who has been under tremendous stress into the care of strangers. This is why we strive to ensure that all of our facilities are as welcoming, comfortable and as friendly as possible. Coming to rehab isn’t going to jail; our patients aren’t going to be locked up in cells or sequestered in cold dormitory rooms far away from others. Our patients are coming to receive help, not punishment – most of our clients have punished themselves enough by the time they come to us.

So let’s get started.

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