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Sovereign Health of Palm Desert accepts males and females aged 18 and up at our Palm Springs drug rehab and mental health treatment center located in nearby Palm Desert, California. Additionally, our Palm Desert location is host to Sovereign Health’s new Personal Recovery Integrating Men’s Experiences (PRIME) program for men aged 40 and up.

Our patients

Before our patients begin treatment with us, we need to get to know them better. Every patient entering our care receives a physical and mental examination. By gaining an understanding of a patient’s physical and mental needs, we’re able to create an effective, individualized treatment program that will offer them the best chance at a lasting recovery.

There’s several steps to this process:

  • A clinical interview: First, we want to ask patients about their background, their family and any symptoms related to their problems. Additionally, we ask questions about their ethnicity, sexual orientation and even religious beliefs. This might seem intrusive, but hearing patients tell us this in their own words and with their own perspective helps us make treatment effective and as safe as possible for each patient.
  • Multiple assessments: Taking stock of a patient’s needs as well as observing a patient’s behavior and habits also helps us tailor our program to suit them. We learn what behaviors need to be changed for recovery to be truly effective. Also, a personality assessment allows us to get the best possible picture of a patient’s personality.
  • Medical evaluations: A physician gives every patient admitted to Sovereign Health a full medical checkup. During the evaluation, the physician will record the complete medical history of the patient – knowing if any mental disorders or other health conditions run in the family also helps us shape the best possible treatment plan for our patients. Patients also receive a Mantoux tuberculin skin test – protecting our patients and staff from serious diseases like tuberculosis is a priority at Sovereign. During the test, a very small amount of tuberculin protein is injected into the skin. A small red bump will develop at the injection site if the patient has been exposed to tuberculosis previously.

PRIME program

Our new program is designed to meet the specific needs of men over the age of 40, addressing both behavioral health and addiction disorders. PRIME creates a positive, healing environment for men that both helps them make the transition to a sober lifestyle while giving them the tools to maintain recovery.

Patients and treatment

Our treatment center and residential houses constitute one of the leading Palm Springs treatment centers. The greater Palm Springs area has served as a place of relaxation and healing for over a hundred years. Patients and family have access to the area’s many opportunities for leisure, recreation and dining.

Sovereign’s holistic treatment philosophy means we don’t merely treat our patients’ physical symptoms. In addition to evidence-based treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy, process group therapy and detoxification, we also make use of alternative therapies such as yoga, equine therapy, music therapy and meditation. Family group meetings occur on the third weekend of each month, and every patient attends four 12-step meetings each week.

Rehab in Palm Springs doesn’t mean being shipped off to some remote corner of the desert. The area is a well-known resort destination that has played host to the rich and famous for years. Our treatment center at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains enjoys sunny, warm weather year-round. Patients who choose to live in our treatment houses can look forward to healing in this beautiful community. Men and women live in separate living quarters, sleeping two or three to a room. Crisis intervention is available in our secure homes 24/7, and five of our houses have swimming pools. Patients help maintain their living areas and everyone participates in chores.

Finally, when patients leave Sovereign’s care, the help doesn’t end. Our continuing care programs can help patients maintain their recovery after their stay in treatment. To learn more, please call our 24/7 helpline.

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